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It’s so good to have your ruler Jupiter in your fun 5th house right now, in the following ways to do with creative talent, confident self-expression and playful romance:

Jupiter opposite Ceres in your social sector. The sheer confidence to swagger around with the natural exuberance & lust for life you do so well. And the tribe who get you fully appreciate your positive vibes; it feels so good to be part of the social/cultural zeitgeist around you, connected to positive change in the world!

And with Uranus/Destiny Point in your work sector, your professional brilliance is particularly inspired. Especially to the extent you get to bring radical/innovative change to the day job- you adore shaking things up! Or if lucky/smart enough to score the freedom to work at some autonomous biz venture…this totally turns you on. I mean you’re working to live a wonderful, liberated life, right? Because living to work/stuck in some dreary/restrictive schedule is so not your thing, obviously.

Venus square Mars Feb 5th, between your home and love sectors. Perfect date night for shacked up Saggies, rekindling the passion with your partner. Or if on the dating scene, maybe schedule a seduction on home turf, if possible?

I mean Mars lingering in your love sector, from last August till late March reveals sexy clarity with your partner/special someone. Or if single, any number of potential attractions for your consideration, right? Especially if you’re into men, Mars is bringing them out of the woodwork!

Then the Full Moon of Feb 6th in your home turf, the expansive 9th house. Activating Uranus/Destiny Point in your work sector. A most liberating moment of clarity, about the most audacious dreams turning you on right now. Your natural, restless desire to be free feels so good. You embrace big picture life/vocational plans, that allow the free range lifestyle you adore:

Travel is a big deal, if your wanderlust calls you to far horizons, maybe time to make it happen?

Or expanding professional horizons, in a way that allows you to share your visionary mind the world. And with bitch Lilith involved, you’re even more ok being controversial than ever, and that’s saying something. Could give a fuq what any critical control freaks think. And totally inspire the people who do get you.

Especially higher education/academia/writing/publishing type ventures; if that’s your thing it work a treat here.

Mercury/Pluto, in your wealth sector Feb 11th helps; maybe a clever light bulb moment, about how to monetise all the genius ideas you’ve been entertaining? Could lucrative be your new normal??

Then the New Moon of Feb 20th, in your home sector. The question becomes what kind of supportive domestic base best supports your biggest dreams, and fulfils you personally?

Saturn in your ideas sector conjunct this Moon. Clear communication with family & loved ones, to be on the same page about the kind of future you’re creating together.

And Venus/Neptune involved. Could be divine relationship synergy, to bond beautifully with your loving tribe. And sweet romance with your shacked up lover.

Or confusing mixed messages, if complex emo at home gets too weird? Might want to focus on that Saturnian clear communication we were talking about, huh?

Image: via Rocky Barnes, Modelos?


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