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So with the predominant astro in your sector of income & financial security for the last few years, you have kind of become used to the constant hustle of financial imperatives. I mean its been great for wealth creation & all. But jeez for such a budgeting klutz (lets face it) who tends to spend first & think later, and dislikes boring wage slave crap -its been quite the learning curve, to get your money and earning act together right?

And with Pluto still vibing lucrative in your income sector & Uranus shaking up the day job paradigm; there’s plenty more weird upheavals & transformative opportunities to earn a living on your own terms coming up.

Meanwhile, you may have noticed the energetic shift of Saturn & your ruler Jupiter leaving your income sector recently? Feels like permission to look beyond immediate fiscal pressures & deal with Saturn square Uranus questioning the overall plan you’ve been banging away at for so long. As in you summon up the discipline to radically innovate what you do, to make it more relevant in these strange times or even a dramatic change of direction if cool new options present themselves?

So lets talk about your ruler Jupiter with Saturn in your sector of intelligent ideas & communication skills joined by Mercury retrograde & Venus this month:

It’s all about your state of mind! I mean being ruled by lucky, philosophical Jupiter you really get how thinking and acting on positive thoughts literally changes your reality for the better. You are the original positive affirmations person -not as some abstract concept, it’s just the way you live as the gloriously swashbuckling, eternal optimist you are. Anyway you have no choice, because negative, reductive pessimism literally makes you sick so benevolent, idealistic belief systems are key to mental/physical health right?

Speaking of which so is regular physical activity-which Mars in your health sector reminds you, more than any other sign you can literally sweat out your stress & create happiness endorphins with a dynamic workout every day!

So Venus/Saturn on the 6th could be a moment of sketchy self-doubt or pragmatic reality check to manifest what you want-choose wisely. Because the New Moon of the 12th has Venus/Jupiter to power forward with brilliant idealism & the courage of your convictions-yay you adore this. But also Mercury retro means you do have to pay attention to the tedious details-admin/tech issues/convoluted misunderstandings you normally gloss over-know what I mean?

The better to successfully work your professional instincts, by the Full Moon of the 27th in your biz sector; with Mars trine Pluto for the sexy confidence & work ethic to put yourself out there to score some cool new gig/ monetise what you already do more effectively-which could be fabulous rewarding!

And love? It’s all about communication! Flirty wiles on the dating scene, or the courage to speak up with your lover/partner about how you feel is your romantic superpower this month.

Image: Charlotte Rampling, Vogue 1976


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