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So how have you been going with your ruler Jupiter, retrograde since early September in your practical 6th house? Ideally taking the time to work out a baseline of healthy habits and reviewing the biz plan-to lowkey become more effective. Character building, much?

And ok, also bitching about delayed progress at work/tedious discipline to do with health issues that frankly, you don’t usually have the patience to bother with? Fair enough…I mean Sag loves holding your horses, in slow motion mode-not!

So your birthday month, December is all about Jupiter in storm phase, preparing to turn around and begin moving direct from Dec 30th.

Exquisite patience, as you navigate the tension between slow moving scenarios you are persisting with, despite delayed gratification -and renewed momentum coming up. You can taste the buzz, of well earned physical vitality and productive work ethic.

Perfect timing of course, to cultivate a fresh, affirmative attitude for 2024 New Years resolutions…and keep it positive as you go, this month.

Especially Mars in Sagittarius from Nov 24th till Jan 5th. Exactly quintile Jupiter Dec 6th- to get your groove on for December as peak, brilliant Mars in Sag season:

A rush of raw energy, to turn you on. The famous Sag swagger, as you charge around with rockstar confidence suits you. Your charisma is on, getting attention just by being your true self.

Having fun doing your own thing is enough-also showing off your talent, with a bit of shameless self promotion works a treat.

The better to align with Jupiter in 6th discipline, to manifest your lust for life in tangible ways.

You actually adore the discipline of a hard-assed workout routine-exercise endorphins are your favourite drug! The better to radiate wellbeing, just to feel good to be alive.

And the better to be up early every day, motivated to be productive on the job. Do admit you adore the satisfaction of working your ass off professionally-to the extent you can do it on your own terms, right?

And Mars says your sexy desirability is on, for hot seductive powers. If you’re on the prowl-who could resist you??

I mean with Mars conjunct caring Ceres, as Venus slinks into your soul sector. To be honest you’re mainly turned on by soulmate, true romance. Someone special you can be emotionally intimate with, to care for one another. Even better to be spiritually simpatico, to dream the same dreams you can commune about-to deepen the sexy chemistry.

And speaking of relationship dynamics, we need to talk about your 4th house, of family and supportive tribe.

Saturn direct in your 4th last month has you feeling a little more grounded, with the people you live with and care most about. Which makes Venus exactly trine Saturn, as Neptune moves direct in your 4th so special, from Dec 6th.

I mean as much as you adore and appreciate your tribe -perhaps more than they realise, as you swan about being so independent? You are a free spirit. Your vibe is live & let live. You much prefer reading subtle cues with your loved ones, to be as unconditionally supportive as possible. Without the tedious drama of having to constantly explain yourself/micro managing expectations of one another-which frankly drives you crazy. Hopefully Neptune direct brings easy domestic bliss!

And if you’ve been yearning for your dream casa? Hopefully Saturn and Neptune direct bring a successful phase-of manifesting a beautiful, secure, inspiring home base, where you really want to live. Finally!

Image: Mikael Jansson for Vogue Japan

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