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It’s all about the Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Sagittarius, Dec 15th, to reboot your mojo this month with full, positive exuberance…

Because this Eclipse has Mercury in Sag involved, for that broader, expansive sense of your life purpose that you adore – the mental freedom of visionary, big picture scheming & dreaming liberating future plans for yourself is so good to rock your restless, wildling soul.

Also if you are into writing/publishing/academia/public speaking, as so many Saggies are, to broadcast your philosophical musing on the state of the world/genius ability to articulate your truth that you do so well; this Moon is perfect to get out there & express yourself with vivid clarity… and maybe hustle some kind of writing/media gig career wise?

Because also with this Eclipse trine Mars in your talent sector; your creative, playful, self-expression confidence is through the roof! Especially with Venus in your sign from the 16th, perfect timing for your gorgeous charisma, talent & good looks to shine -as you grab the Eclipse energy to rock your full, spunky potential in the world. Just because it feels so good to be alive on your own terms, which is your natural thing -and also thrive materially:

I mean after the last few years of Saturn discipline cramping your style, it’s been a bitch to keep the faith & work ethic up right? But with Jupiter/Pluto in your income sector recently it’s finally vibing lucrative, to remind you that you’re on the right track with all that hard work. So Jupiter/Saturn exact in your income sector mid month, to get real savvy about whatever you’re seriously good at is perfect-there’s no cutting corners but gosh if you’re sticking to the plan you could be financially nailing it –yay finally!

Meanwhile this Eclipse is pretty sweet for the Sag love life. It triggers the Destiny Point in your relationship sector, to drive the partner dynamic forward if you happen to be making plans with that special someone- you could be looking at meaningful future commitment just because it feels so right. Or if single/on the dating scene could be some super promising attraction turning up… And Venus in your sign makes you extra desirable, with irresistible romantic wiles, whilst Mars in your romance sector adds the passion to love like you mean it-permission to enjoy x

Image: unable to find original credit for this gorgeous picture

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