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New Moon in Aries, exact 12.30pm April 12th, AEST.

New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective, and in Aries we have a wonderfully honest relationship with our own feelings, which is great to know what we are on about. Also the fiery authenticity to hold our own with whoever we are dealing with -which would normally be kind of impatient, or even combative interpersonal dynamics to be honest.

So how great is Venus bang on this moon, to bring a lovely mutual understanding to ameliorate any potential conflict coming up. We get to be passionate, real & fiercely loving with our relationships -the better to be true to ourselves whilst also honouring the connections that matter. Especially with Venus syncing Mars & Pluto, our romantic chemistry is hot, and biz negotiations could be fabulously lucrative if we play our cards right.

And generally a great Moon to power forward with our personal plans. New Moon energy is ideal for fresh, crystal clear intentions and Aries loves direct, confident action to make it happen. The time is right to power forward with the courage of our convictions - let's seize the day!

Happy New Moon folks x


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