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Magnificent Leo New Moon, coming at us exact 3.55am July 29th, AEST.

New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective. And in Leo it's delicious purr-spective with feline instincts for pleasure, cuddly care for one another and rawring with empowered emotional expression. (ok sorry for those dreadful linguistic puns, could not resist).

Some of the Leo qualities being beautifully awakened here:

CARING. Leo loves to love large, and emotionally/romantically generous enough to show loved ones how much we care. Physically affectionate, unconditionally supportive, strong protectors of our family & tribe. Especially this Moon conjunct nurturing Ceres, we are so connected with healthy mutual support for one another.

PASSIONATE. Leo is the quintessential lover; being so hot blooded, genuinely infatuated in the throes of passion & smoothly seductive to make our lover feel adored. Especially opposite sexy Pluto, libido is high and we are more likely to be magnetised toward someone we share deep, meaningful feelings with.

PROUD. We really represent our true feelings with primal authenticity, and will not compromise our confident voice in the world. Especially trine Jupiter in Aries, we are fierce individuals with a point of view and swagger to walk our talk in the world. And opposite Pluto we take responsibility for whatever personal transformation is necessary to thrive.

Wow, so are we radiant with wonderful charisma & loving relationships or what?? Happy Leo New Moon folks, let's live like we mean it xxx

Image: unable to find original credit for this fab picture.


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