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Pisces New Moon, exact 5.05pm Feb 20th, AEDT. It's a lovely integration of the mundane with the divine...

To the extent New Moons are fresh emotional clarity, in Pisces we yearn for magical insights, cosmic connection and creative inspiration, as well as highly compassionate connection with one another and possibly intoxicating, idealistic romance. So you know, we are way too mystical & transcendent to bother ourselves with the details of practical reality.

Yet this Moon in the first degree of Pisces, is kind of in the clutches of Saturn in the last degrees of Aquarius, conjunct by only 2 degrees. How do we feel about the most practical, disciplined planet cramping our style?

Ok, in a sense we are prevented from lurching into hare brained schemes, delusional relationships, escapist fantasy etc with a Saturn reality check. Especially the kind of 'spiritual bypassing', where we cloak any tendency to avoid the integrity of personal responsibility, with fluffy notions of being too special for the real world. Saturn really calls out our bullshit here! Especially still in Aquarius, to do with collective responsibility to one another even as we embrace our unique/weirdo personal autonomy. The whole concept of disciplined, right action in the world, that honours our own dreams as well as looking after those around us-is quite the theme here!

In another sense, this Moon is calling Saturn to evolve; as we prepare for Saturn moving into Pisces from March 7th, for the next 3 years. Our rigid ideas of whatever security is supposed to look like, in our personal and social lives is beginning to dissolve. Maybe a more fluid, creative, inspired, magical way of living is calling us forward? Maybe the tough expectations we force upon ourselves, and one another can loosen up a bit? Maybe we can chase our dreams and allow others to do the same; with an unconditional sense of our full, divine potential?

Especially Venus conjunct Pisces ruler, magical Neptune in Pisces. It's a fine line between exquisite, rapturous bliss aligning with our higher purpose in the world & true love in our personal life-or batshit crazy illusions (no matter how intoxicating), to avoid reality.

Which is why I call this the lucid dreaming Moon. The wisdom to dream wisely; cultivating beautiful , conscious intentions that raise our frequency-in a way that we can back with realistic integrity. Effective, powerful magical manifesting 101, right?

Happy New Moon folks. Lets embrace our soul path/soulmate destiny with a clear, steady eye to positive outcomes x

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