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Saturn lurking retro, in the first degrees of Pisces all Sept. Feels like the theme of the month, is coming to terms with your own personal discipline.

I mean never mind your reputation as a dreamy flake, lol. Ok your moral compass may be fluid, according to fixed bourgeois expectations. But there is a higher spiritual calling that tends to drive you. Including being the eternal empath, doing the often invisible work of understanding everyone else’s complex emo, because you understand. So even though you seem to swan around being a visionary weirdo, you are so tuned into some kind of meaningful purpose in the world.

So Saturn on your case is where you cultivate the gravitas, of your formidable personal integrity. The more you drill down on whatever you’re on about, with hard core, honest self-awareness. The more you do the work to walk your talk in the world, with the satisfaction of being true to yourself:

Including Saturn opposite Bitch Lilith in your practical 6th house. A fierce work ethic on the job suits you. Not so much bending over backwards to suit some demanding boss/client etc, as you’re on a mission to achieve professional satisfaction, very much on your own kooky terms.

Which means healthy daily habits, to do with whatever disciplined lifestyle makes you feel powerful right now.

And Venus direct, also in your 6th house from early Sept. Perfect timing to reboot your talent and professional charm on the day job. I mean after Venus retro recently, you may have been questioning the gig you’re in and working to refine your creative process.

So any answers you’ve come up with, about your ideal professional niche and how to do it as best you can? Venus direct this month brings lovely clarity, about how manifest your vocational purpose in the world with style!

Then the New Moon of Sept 15th, with Mercury turning retro in your love/partner sector.

Opposite your ruler Neptune in Pisces, and trine Uranus with Jupiter in your communication sector.

Certain conversations with your partner, subtle romantic cues with your lover or figuring out flirty frisson with a crush? Sudden, emotional clarity could happen with this Moon:

I mean Neptune could have you so open to sharing your true feelings, or slippery elusive, depending on your mood right now? Either way you find yourself dealing with the necessary dialogues-ready or not!

Especially with Mars revving up the passion, in your 8th house of sex & deep emotional entanglement. And caring Ceres involved, on the South Node of existing relationships, exes and pattern recognition about ongoing relational dynamics.

The courage to speak your mind, with the exquisite emotional nuance you do so well, being such an empath about how everyone involved feels and all. To be kooky truth demon, with uniquely perceptive emotional insights, whilst also considering other people’s point of view is quite the Pisces skill, right?

And yes, Mars in your 8th house is totally hot, for the sexy Pisces love life. Seductive moments are a thing. Whether renewed passion with your partner, hot dates with a lover or suddenly being pursued by a hot new crush? It all begins with a meeting of minds-exciting, inspiring conversations turn flirty at warp speed. This could be fun!

Image: Koray Birand for Vogue Spain


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