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So having had a taste of the fabulous, positive vibe of Jupiter in your sign from mid-March-the end of July, you have been so inspired to chase your dreams & rock your most flamboyant confidence…

And drat Jupiter retro, back in your soul sector till next Jan is everything you are excited about on hold for the rest of the year? Well yes and no. I mean you are being asked to do the inner, spiritual/creative work behind the scenes for the moment, which could be frustrating because lack of actual progress in the world. But also, you are the sign most likely to appreciate the cosmic thrills of cultivating your visionary bliss on your own, knowing it is a fully productive way to get your magical manifesting on, right?

Yay so you are in dark horse mode, quietly filling your cup with inspiring schemes & dreams right now; especially Venus, Mars & clever Mercury in your 8th house of financial negotiations this month-some of those schemes could be vibing potentially lucrative. Especially by the time Mars opposes the healer Chiron in your income sector Oct 1st, for tangible instincts around earning potential doing something meaningful to you.

And the Pisces Full Moon of the 21st on mystic Neptune has your charisma & beautiful, clear intentions in full, high frequency brilliance-nice work!

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 7th in your love sector is conjunct sexy Mars & opposite Neptune in your sign, for a bit of spooky hot romance. Renewed, ardent attention from your partner or, if single/dating a whole new lover chasing you up-especially if you are into men. Venus and Mercury in your sex/intimacy sector also bring a delightful depth of passion, especially when it comes to actually, clearly communicating the feelings going on.

Because with intoxicating Neptune you are either driving them mad in a good way with come-hithery allure they can’t resist, or slippery, weird mixed messages doing their head in and they don’t know how to come at you. Or maybe a mixture of both lol. I mean you are quite the enigma at the best of times, so maybe watch that and keep your love signals as emotionally congruent as possible, for this promising New Moon hmmm?

Then you just can’t wait for Neptune direct early Dec, to really hit your stride then Jupiter back in top form in Pisces from Jan- wow 2022 looks spectacular, so worth preparing for with positive intentions!

Image: Eliza De Lite


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