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So you are presumably feeling Saturn and your ruler Neptune, retro in your sign right now. Whether you are trying to get your act together, with pragmatic Saturn discipline or seeking lush, Neptunian magic/spiritual growth?

It feels like you keep getting pushed back, to reconsider and finesse what you’re actually on about. Frustrating much? Well yes, especially Mars into your expansive 9th house from Oct 12th -you’re just busting to charge forward, chasing your wildest dreams.

So maybe the lack of immediate momentum feels better, if you appreciate the full scope of what Saturn/Neptune are trying to achieve in your sign. Nothing less than magnificent magical realism! Your challenge is the alchemy of turning your most exquisite, visionary desires into tangible reality. And this can take it’s own sweet time, right?

Some call it magical manifesting, and to the extent you tend to swan around, apparently pulling inspiring opportunities out of thin air? It’s your natural thing of course, that nobody else knows how the fuq you do it…

Also with Saturn retro involved right now, only you know the elbow grease, to do the work behind the scenes. You are coming to terms with the personal discipline required; to get your act together to feel good about being you, and manifest even your weirdest desires into tangible reality. And of course Saturn is the patience, to be ok about how long it takes to get the process right.

Your best look, for the moment is quietly working the alchemical process behind the scenes; with heathy, productive habits & creative genius that will reward you, with fresh momentum when Saturn & Neptune move forward by early Dec.

Obviously much better than giving up in a depressed funk, just because Saturn retro temporarily cramping your style, and stalking off in a sook to get hammered or whatever louche, escapist Neptunian nonsense, right?

Meanwhile the Pisces love life.

Venus/Lilith conjunct, cruising together into your love sector from Oct 9th, opposite Saturn retro in Pisces is an interesting relationship dynamic:

Venus brings sweet romance. More likely to attract someone gorgeous, letting you know how much they adore you-or at least crushing on your charms. Also Lilith brings a lover with attitude, who absolutely takes no crap as they do their own thing -but the good thing is they are also turned on by your unique genius, as they let you be who you are. Perfect combo, for mutually respectful chemistry with potential love magic!

Just in time for the New Moon Eclipse, of Oct 15th:

Conjunct the South Node of past patterns and Mercury, in your 8th house of emotional entanglements, interdependent relationships and sexy passion. Opposite healing Chiron and the North Node, Destiny Point of personal growth in your 2nd house of personal, autonomous values, security & prosperity.

In other words the self care of being true to yourself and pursuing the dreams you most cherish, is fundamental to feeling good. The better to communicate clearly, with the people you most care about. For healthy, honest connections, including hot love action that comes with mutual respect.

Then the Full Moon, partial Eclipse of Oct 29th, conjunct Jupiter retro in your clever 3rd house opposite Sun, with Mercury exactly conjunct Mars in your expansive 9th house. Certain genius ideas of yours may be ready to express, with articulate courage of your convictions in the world.


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