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It’s all about Saturn direct in Pisces, from Nov 4th, to begin the month with a beautifully pragmatic attitude:

Because Saturn in your sign back in March was like ok, I can be more disciplined about manifesting my weird, magical mojo in real life. Which no doubt was motivating, to get your act together? Then Saturn retro from late June was like WTF, how come even my best efforts at self-improvement, health kick and ambitious work ethic are being thwarted??

I mean ideally you took the opportunity to drill down, interrogate any klunky self doubt, and finesse your determination to get on with it anyway, right? With supreme patience about your own attitude, or external circumstance slowing you down…

Also fair enough, if you temporarily felt frustrated & frankly over it at times. Saturn retro can be a bitch! Which makes Saturn direct right now so special.

You’ve done the work to reality check your situation, and establish a healthy, sustainable approach to Saturn in your sign, for the next few years. So nicely prepared for a fresh start right now, to build the Pisces life plan on solid footing. Material success, physical health and right action in everything you do, according to your own, personal rules of integrity. Is so satisfying to get it right, supremely comfortable in your own skin, regardless of external expectations.

Also the more you own the gravitas of Saturn in Pisces-everyone seems to gravitate towards you, with full respect for your leadership qualities. To the extent you are the quintessential spiritual guru-people tend to seek your empathy & mystical insights, for guidance & counselling at the best of times. Now you might be called upon to step into positions of authority in a more literal, worldly sense. Everyone can sense Saturn wisdom upon you-and trust you more than ever as the responsible adult in the room, so to speak. Time to step up to the challenge-ready or not?

Ok, so speaking of relationship dynamics. Saturn direct is opposite Bitch Lilith in your love sector, with your ruler Neptune in Pisces opposite Venus in your love sector, Nov 4th:

Your solid integrity is so attractive, to any partner/lover/crush who is equally empowered. Mutual respect is such a turn on, if you are lucky enough to have sexy, positively challenging chemistry going on? And your fascinating romantic allure is like catnip to a special someone, who is genuine about an intoxicating love affair/bringing the magic back to committed partnership. Sweet romance could be a thing this month…

Or if you happen to have some bitchy fuqwit giving you grief, assuming your gentle nature will put up with their manipulative attitude? Or if you are tempted to control freak/manipulate some situation? No no, power trips could get toxic! Much better to work healthy Saturn boundaries -to work it out or get the hell out of the drama, know what I mean?

Because Venus in your 8th house, from Nov 8th helps. An opportunity to deepen the connections in your life-emotional or sexy intimacy as well as family or financial entanglements, with sweet, intelligent relating skills.

And thank goodness that’s sorted, as best you can. To free up Pisces energy for the New Moon of Nov 13th, conjunct Mars & Ceres in your expansive 9th house: Self care feels like believing in the brazen life plans & intellectual curiosity, that matter to you. For the emotional bliss and vitality, that come with the freedom to chase your wildest dreams!

Then the Full Moon of Nov 27th in your domestic sector, to bring it back to basics. With ambitious Mars and healthy Ceres involved-the more you nurture healthy home and family wellbeing, the more a nurturing, fulfilling personal life supports your professional success -to do what you most care about in the world. Nice one.

Image: unable to find original credit, for this gorgeous picture.


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