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So Mars now officially retrograde, till January is kind of slowing us all down, to figure out what we’re on about before charging forward.

And for you Mars retro is personal; in your domestic sector, square your ruler Neptune & lucky Jupiter in your sign-which is, drat, also retro this month. And the healer Chiron retro in your values/income sector. Gah, retrograde season really has your number! Frustrating much?

Well ok, you might be irritable if you were one of those impatient signs, who need to power forward just for the sake of getting ahead.

But actually you are a magical, dreamy, intuitive creature; tuned into the subtle cycles of the cosmos and the emotional dynamics revealing themselves at home. With the equanimity to observe what’s going on around you, perceiving underlying patterns like a true mystic. For the emotional intelligence to ride the ebb & flow of energy, as it moves backwards & forwards.

To align your actions with universal flow, rather than bitching when things don’t go your way/try to force inauspicious choices, know what I mean? In other words, you are perfectly ok with the true power path this month:

Taking a step back from any power trips going on with family, or brewing domestic drama. The rule is don’t start arguments you are destined to lose anyway, and anyone presuming to hassle you is already on the back foot, so no need to react. Because this astro is perfect for gentle, mutually unconditional acceptance of one another’s foibles, taking the time to mediate & peacefully resolve disputes. Much better.

Also if Mars retro temporarily dampens the libido, with your shacked up lover? With caring Ceres in your partner sector, its all about cultivating the emotional connection-to be so much more in love when Mars sparks up sexy times again, next Jan.

And Jupiter/Neptune in your sign is such a beautifully inspiring conjunction. All about aligning with your most divine intentions, with the confidence to expand your creative & spiritual perspective; with the simple imperative of living your own truth. So really, you could give a fuq this conjunction is retro -you love this chance to open up to your higher purpose, just by being your true self; without the pressure to force progress in the world.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of Nov 8th is a Total Lunar Eclipse, in your 3rd house of ideas & communication. With the Moon conjunct radical Uranus & the Destiny Point, opposite a genius Mercury/Sun/Venus conjunction in your vision sector. What a cracker! To get real about positive thinking, by genuinely challenging your previous assumptions, with innovative new ways to understand your purpose in the world.

Especially by the New Moon of Nov 24th in your biz/career sector with Venus/Mercury conjunct. For a fresh perspective on how to express your clever, creative talent and suave communication in your professional life. You’re looking good, polishing your brand and doing beautiful interpersonal connection in the world. Yes of course this is fab for getting ahead vocationally, if you’re on a mission to succeed right now.

And perhaps more importantly, the satisfaction of doing stuff you love for a living with beautiful, mentally stimulating, sympatico people you enjoy doing business with.

And trine Chiron retro in your income/values sector, to finesse a way to monetise your ideal healthy, fulfiling life path.

The better to chase your wildest dreams -aligned with intelligent, creative ways to manifest the life you really want to live -nice one.

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