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So after a year of lucky Jupiter in Pisces, conjunct your ruler Neptune lately; you have been enjoying a lovely, positive time of expanding your sense of what is possible, spiritual growth and that spooky capacity to magically manifest your optimum reality, that you do so well.

And now, with Mars energising lucky Jupiter in your material security sector -the manifesting part gets real! Jupiter is fairly large, brazen ideas about personal abundance.. Yes could be the confidence to make lots of cash -if wealth is important right now, why not? Or could be the importance of doing something genuinely meaningful for a living, to financially support a fulfilling sense of purpose on your own terms?

Of course a combination of the above is fabulous. As in the more you are fully excited by what you do, with Jupiter trine self-assured Lilith in your talent sector, the more the universe aligns you with financial flow-nice one.

Then the Full Moon of 14th in your biz sector square Neptune, to be as inspired as possible about career scenarios that align with your higher principles & unique professional vision. Also Venus/Uranus in your ideas sector with clever Mercury on the Destiny Point; weird & wonderful schemes could be ready to unleash upon the world… this is such a buzz!

And Mars on the healer Chiron for this Moon, is the self-awareness to align your fierce ambition with whatever intentions also cultivate the security that comes with emotional wellbeing in your life, know what I mean?

Meanwhile Venus on Uranus & the Destiny Point, in your communication sector mid-month is also a buzz. It’s like you are mainlining spooky, genius wisdom almost from a higher source, so that bang-on intuition of yours is so on point! The better to get into highly intelligent dialogues with the peeps who get you, in your weird & wonderful glory.

Of course this is great for game changing creative ideas, that could be lots of fun to play with - also leveraged professionally if you play your cards right.

And Venus/Uranus is electrifying, game changing communication to do with romance.

I mean if single/on the prowl/dating scene, gosh your flirty wiles are so on point! Totally ready to fascinate some crush or new attraction with your gorgeous allure. As much as Uranus can bring a brief, crazy repartee just for thrills… the Destiny Point suggests this could have unexpected, long term potential maybe?

Or if partnered/entangled already? Could be as simple as locking eyes in the middle of some random conversation, and re-igniting the passion & mental affinity that turns you on about one another? Or could be sudden clarification, of some tetchy point you need to work out between you. Great to clear the air to move forward, one way or the other huh?

Image: Jayne Mansfield


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