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So you’ve had a sneak preview since April, of Pluto in your home turf; the spooky 12th house of secret spirituality and connection with the divine. A sense of deep awakening, to your true nature and transformative, creative power from deep within; to be continued from this Feb -for the next 20 years!

So plenty of time coming up to explore your inner locus of power; slay your demons, make firm alliances with your guardian angels, download spectacular cosmic insights, phoenix into next level self awareness and become the mysterious, magical creature that is your birthright….

Meanwhile, Pluto back into your social sector recently, for the rest of the year:

This is your 11th house of social butterfly charisma on the scene, social networking with your tribe, tuning into the cultural zeitgeist/collective energy that turns on your social conscience and connecting with special friends. I mean after Pluto here for the last several years, you have no doubt done the work; to clean out your contacts list, ditch any naff status anxiety, about bourgeois expectations you don’t really care about and align with the people/crew who actually turn you on, with mutual respect right? The better to clarify your role in the world, and shine like the crazy, inspiring diamond you are. Very good, and till next Feb you get to finesse the process…

So the Full Moon of July 3rd in your 11th house a lovely clue, to do with how you feel about expressing yourself -in this weird & wonderful world we currently live in. Maybe shine a light, as the spiritual guru of the zodiac, to help the rest of us make sense of it all?

Especially this Moon opposite clever Mercury conjunct the Sun, in your 5th house of creative talent, personal confidence and showing off just for fun.

I mean Jupiter/Destiny Point in your ideas/communication sector brings such a positive state of mind, with affirmative insights about the future. And Mercury invites you to express these genius ideas you are playing with, in the world. You may have deep & meaningful things to share, to turn the world on…

Even shameless self promotion, to polish your brand & articulate your creative genius, is a chance to offer your most effective voice to the collective discourse.

And Lilith/Venus/Mars in your practical 6th house, to cultivate the right professional relationships. Your own work ethic and creative collaborations work a treat, to help unleash your brilliance. Especially Venus lingering in your 6th house till October, you have such magnificent talent to bring to the day job for the next 3 months!

Especially by the New Moon of July 18th in your 5th house, opposite Pluto in your 11th house and trine your ruler Neptune in Pisces:

Your natural, visionary genius shines bright, in a way that challenges your tribe in a positive, transformative way. And Saturn also in Pisces, for the discipline to walk your talk, with the courage of your convictions. Nice one!

Meanwhile Mars in your love/partner sector from July 11th, to fire up your most important relationships. I mean Mars can be passionate, sexy attraction magic in your love life-mating season vibes. And ideally, mutually empowering relationship skills with everyone you’re dealing with.

Also Mars can be conflict erupting at warp speed-any unresolved dramas become obvious, and need to be addressed, ready or not!

Mars opposite Saturn in your sign can exacerbate any control freaky dynamics-want to watch that. Better to work healthy Saturn boundaries, for honest mutual respect…know what I mean?

Image: unable to find original credit, for this vintage picture.


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