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So lucky Jupiter in Pisces, from mid-May till July 29th is a short but sweet turn on to your most positive, visionary attitude.

I mean Jupiter loves being in your sign; being your old-skool ruler before spooky Neptune turned up and revealed a more complex, mystical dimension to your vibe. So Jupiter joining Neptune in Pisces right now is a double wammy of high vibrational radiance, to embrace your full, multifaceted potential.

So you don’t even mind Jupiter dithering retrograde on the cusp of Pisces all July, before retreating into your soul sector in August for the rest of the year. As much as you are entertaining wild & wonderful plans that may not be actually moving forward quite yet -you don’t succumb to frustration. You get that cultivating your biggest dreams is enough spiritual & creative inspo for the next 6 months; for a brilliant sense of what is possible in your life and powerful magical manifestation skills, to unleash your brilliance on the world when Jupiter charges forward in your sign early 2022. Great ,so you’re onto it!

Meanwhile Mars in your work sector opposite Saturn July 1st is a reality check, about how to proceed in the meantime? It’s all about spiritual & physical discipline; to stick to your values and follow through with a robust health/fitness regime, stay strong within yourself and keep your act together in the world. Also Venus in your work sector brings the charm, talent & professional flair to do it all with stylish aplomb.

Which makes the New Moon of the 10th in your talent sector so excellent; to play with the creative process and be inspired by cool new ways to finesse whatever you do well. Which is great for success at work, but also take time out for fun; because after all doing stuff we enjoy, just because it feels good & quality time with loved ones is what life is all about right?

Especially Mars/Venus in your work sector, exactly conjunct by the 14th is all about the importance of relationships. Yes this is brilliant for suave professional networking and an easy, mutually advantageous vibe with co-workers/clients etc. Also love. If partnered you respect one another’s career goals & also make the effort to squeeze in quality time together, amongst the busy schedule. If single oh my goodness, so much more likely to meet someone promising on the job this month-so maybe shmick the work wardrobe & discreetly flirt it up a little?


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