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So Saturn in your home turf, the spooky, dreamy 12th house for the last few years has been something of a karmic audit. Cleaning up any naff, escapist tendencies or restrictive narratives that have been subconsciously tying you up in knots of self doubt? For the discipline to look within with a clear eye, and work whatever spiritual practice and conscious, healthy self talk brings you into alignment with self. You are quite the sovereign, self-aware master/mistress of your own Destiny by now…well done you!

And In tell you what, as Saturn prepares to enter Pisces by March, 2023 looks like the year you really hold your own in the world; with all this well earned personal integrity. Suddenly you command a new level of respect, as people naturally sense how much you have your act together.

You don’t have to prance around proving yourself; you just naturally gravitate to positions of authority as people feel they can trust you to do the right thing, as a force of healthy stability in the world. Ha, as such a slippery, cosmic wild child who would have thought, lol?? Actually you are fully capable of walking your talk, with beautiful, sustained discipline this year, right?

Especially the Full Moon of Jan 7th, joining Bitch Lilith in your 5th house of playful creative talent. Opposite Sun/Mercury and Pluto in your social sector:

You are so confident about showing off whatever you are good at, because you’re not just fluffing around. With Lilith involved you have the courage of your convictions; even if your personal style and creative expression is somewhat provocative, it works because it’s so authentic. And the people you choose to network with are fascinated by your unique genius.

I mean even if Venus hiding in your 12th house this month feels kind of introverted, brewing weird & wonderful magic that you might assume no one else knows what the hell you’re on about? Or if romantically you feel like a weirdo, in hermit mode rather than trying to connect with your lover? The public/people who love you think you are cool as fuq, drawn to your enigmatic, mysterious allure like moths to a flame.

Low-key brilliance, quietly being true to your own visionary calling gets more attention than you expect this month.

Including Venus & Mars in a grand trine with caring Ceres in your sex/intimacy sector, Jan 10th. Love chemistry flows more easily. To the extent your quiet, dark horse mystique is so attractive to the kind of lovers who appreciate who you really are; exquisite compassion for beautifully vulnerable intimacy, weird, secretive enigma and all.

Then the New Moon of Jan 22nd in your 12th house, with Venus conjunct Saturn. You are so solid internally; busy with the powerful magic of whatever consistent, spiritual and creative discipline turns you on.

The better to use the fierce self-belief of Lilith, exactly opposite this Moon as she enters your work/health sector. The force is strong, to manifest the hell out of your most cherished dreams-very much on your own terms. Your superpower is a fierce work ethic, with an emphasis on the kind of healthy, satisfying lifestyle that allows you to be true to yourself.

It’s all about being supremely comfortable in your own skin, baby!

Image: Katherine Chavez - Val Deus


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