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So the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of early Jan, which is a bright new perspective for everyone this year, is in your home turf; the mysterious, mystical, 12th house soul sector. For many signs the 12th is kind of tricky to deal with, but for a magical being like yourself you dig the cosmic, creative & spiritual inspiration here. It’s kind of a light bulb moment to shine bright from that inner sanctuary, where you connect with your divine muse…

How lovely, & especially with your magical ruler Neptune strong in your sign this month, your New Resolutions should be all sparkly with a beautiful, clear sense of your true purpose right?

Then Mars conjunct Uranus this month, in your ideas sector is an actual, mental light bulb moment-with truly incandescent, fresh clarity about what you believe & what you’re going to do about it. I mean you could be entertaining some pretty wild notions, or plans that may even wobble your previous paradigm; but it’s good to question everything once in a while, to keep us honest & healthy personal growth right? And even of some people are wondering WTF you’re on about lol, as you cut the crap & give yourself permission to speak clearly from a new perspective that feels so right but kind of rocks the boat? You are also be cultivating cool, unexpected new dialogues with interesting folk who totally get you…

Especially Mars in a gorgeous trine with Venus in your social/networking sector, around Jan 10th. This is perfect for fun gatherings, quality time with dear friends, attending the right parties as a shiny social butterfly, genius social networking with the peeps that matter & generally connecting with your tribe with ease. Nice, and if you happen to be on the prowl for romance, it does pay to be out & about for some potentially fab, flirty moments to maybe attract someone exciting?

Or if already partnered, it’s all about your lover supporting who you are in the world, and maybe sharing fun times out on the scene together.

Then the New Moon of the 13th ramps it up, bang on Pluto in your social sector for primal, gut instincts about where you fit in the world. You clean house by ditching any social status quo that no longer serves you -sorry not sorry, you don’t have time for bourgeois expectations that limit your growth right now. The better to make time for the right people, communities & professional/creative organisations that actually turn you on. Because you are such a force of nature right now, to engage with the world on your on terms; you don’t want to miss this opportunity to be part of the collective/cultural zeitgeist that is calling your name…

Which could be handy by the Full Moon of the 29th in your work sector, to ensure your professional efforts are directed toward goals you actually care about.

New Year Resolution: I am a cosmic wild child, ready to embrace the magical inspiration & divine flow revealing itself to me this year. The better to share my mystical purpose with my natural tribe.


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