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So positive Jupiter in & out of your sign all year, hanging out with your mystical ruler Neptune has been such an inspired combination. Awakening a clear sense of what really matters to you, on a spiritual, creative & emotionally fulfilling level. No doubt you are more clued into your destinal purpose in the world, and how to live an authentic, magical life you can genuinely feel good about:

So Jupiter finally charging forward, in your 2nd house of values/personal wealth from Dec 21st poses the question -what are you going to do about it, in tangible, materially satisfying terms?

Not so much stressing about money, just because Chiron in your 2nd house has you feeling vulnerable financially & it’s a scramble to get ahead, whilst you can? More that the healer Chiron has you beautifully self-aware of any security issues, and you realise you have nothing to prove -if any external, bourgeois expectations about how much coin you earn etc have been cramping your style lately?

Jupiter in your 2nd house is an innate, healthy determination to thrive. Simply by pursuing the meaningful, expansive goals that genuinely turn you on, you naturally manifest whatever resources/cash etc you need, to make your most cherished dreams a reality.

I mean people talk about magical manifestation, as if it’s a discipline one has to work at; but you are a natural at swanning about living a charmed life, IF you stay true to your higher purpose in the world, right? No one else knows how the fuq you do it, and late Dec is a chance to shine with personal integrity, that is also potentially super profitable.

And with Venus/Mercury in your networking sector you are a charm machine, to broadcast your talent to the tribe who get whatever you’re on about.

Also Pluto in your networking sector opposite Bitch Lilith in your talent/creative confidence sector. The more you are unapologetically, fiercely authentic about how you express yourself, the more you really connect with equally powerful crew. The better to network effectively, in terms of helping each other evolve & thrive in these wild, transformative times we live in.

Especially by the New Moon of Dec 23rd, in your networking sector with A Venus/Mercury/Pluto conjunction. A fab, fresh perspective on where you fit in the world, the better to pursue your destiny with the right crowd.

And this Moon squares caring Ceres in your sex/intimacy sector. So you want to make sure you make time for your deeper emotional entanglements as well. So no matter how well you are rocking your brilliance in the world (as you should), personal love matters too.

Because meanwhile, the Full Moon of Dec 8th is in your home sector conjunct Mars. I mean Mars retrograde for the next few months might have you questioning family & domestic relationships. Ideally taking a step back to re-evaluate how you relate to your loved ones; with beautiful, healthy patience about one another’s foibles. Much better than being triggered by any retrograde misunderstandings, to indulge unnecessary tantrums -know what I mean?

Familial love is supposed to be unconditional. As much as the people we live with/close relatives can annoy the fuq out of us the most; they are also the tribe we need to work at getting along with, in a mutually supportive way, as much as possible.

And with Ceres still in your partner sector for this Moon, this includes mutual appreciation in your marital/shacked up lover dynamic. If you happen to be lucky enough to have someone special, who cares as much as you do?

Image: Peony Lim.


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