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So the Total Solar Eclipse, New Moon of Dec 4th in your biz/career sector is fab, sparkly professional renewal to begin the month! Especially with Mercury on this power Moon, you get such a stunningly clear perspective on whatever you want to be doing with your career right now…

Perfect for clever strategies & admin type duties to get the details right, finesse the plan, clean up your act & get schmick systems in place to work more effectively.

And even better enjoy stimulating, intelligent professional dialogues that turn you on, and finesse the negotiations/contracts/work relationships that help you do your thing.

Because actually any networking buzz, and positive relationship dynamics with your tribe in the world are so inspiring, with Venus in your social sector from Nov 5th till early March; you are quite the delightful, well-connected social butterfly for the next few months -sweet.

Meanwhile Venus hanging out with powerhouse Pluto all December adds a deeper, empowering dimension to this: You attract crew who challenge you in a good way, to bring your full authenticity to connecting with the cultural/community zeitgeist around you in a meaningful way.

If you want to know who your tribe is, speak your truth and see who sticks around’. And yes this x-ray vision clarity may require you to transform yourself, in terms of personal growth & even radically transform the scene you move in or certain close friendships, to be more authentic with one another. And this is beautifully energising, to swan around with your full charisma on, fully appreciated by the people that get you. Nice one.

And if you will permit me this analogy: Fish need currents, moving the energy around to breathe -If they sit in still water they suffocate for lack of oxygen. Which is why fish are always following the strongest tides…in the direction they need to go. So too do you, with your fishy intuition tune into the collective vibe that carries you forward, with the greatest potential to evolve & thrive.

Then Mars into your biz sector, from Dec 14th is the raw energy for next level, fiery, ambitious determination to make the career/life plans you got excited about in early Dec actually happen.

And all of this is looking forward to lucky Jupiter getting a move on in your sign, from Dec 30th till mid May. You are brewing some extraordinary, fantastic new years resolutions to feel brilliantly, cosmically attuned to your ideal path early 2022 -yes get ready, it’s coming!

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