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So Dec kind of revolves around the Total Solar Eclipse of the 15th, which with clever Mercury involved focuses our attention on such brilliant manifesting mojo if we keep our intentions clear. And for you it’s in your biz/career sector, so this month is pretty great if you have some fresh professional goals to polish up nicely?

And with the South Node of established skills involved, it’s not so much charging off to chase random new schemes just for the sake of change –it’s more drilling down on what you already do/have been working towards & finessing the hell out of it. Because especially with Venus shining your gorgeous talent, charm & beauty at work from mid month; it’s all about coming to terms with your innate aptitude, the better to get even better at what you’re good at.

Yes partly for career success, especially with this Moon in easy aspect to Mars energising your income sector-gosh you are spectacularly well placed to monetise the hell out of your vocation, if lucrative is your thing right now? But also just for the fun, and job satisfaction of doing stuff you love in the world; and the financial flow is more about allowing you to do your own sweet thing, and easily pay the bills as you go…

Especially with the Destiny Point in your domestic sector for this one, you are definitely keyed into your happy home/personal life/connecting with loved ones as a priority; and very much working to live well & enjoy a nice work/life balance. As opposed to slaving away, living to work just for the sake of social status/material success for the sake of it right?

Also because Saturn/Jupiter, who have been working your social charisma & networking skills for the last few years, are quietly slipping into your mystical, hidden soul sector in the second half of Dec. So you are coming into a chapter of inner, meditative focus, and being such a magical, cosmic child you understand the value of tuning into your dreams, spiritual discipline, creative inspo & visionary bliss to turn on your … more than particularly fretting about external expectations etc.

Then the Full Moon of the 30th is nice, to bring all that to playful creative expression just for fun, and quality time with family/friends & your lover/partner/special someone. Because filling your cup with the simple pleasures & relationships that matter is so life affirming this month!

Image: Alenka Mali


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