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So the Full Moon of Aug 2nd in your home turf, the spooky 12th house, begins the month with a lovely, magical vibe. You are perfectly happy spending time in private spiritual &creative reverie, communing with your muse. I mean on one level, a sense of retreating from material, worldly concerns, to focus on what seem like intangible, ineffable dreams?

And, with Sun joining Lilith/Venus conjunct, in your practical 6th house. You are so switched on with creative inspo, you can’t help but embody your most meaningful purpose in daily life. As long as you are free to do it on your own terms, without some control freak breathing down your neck; you’re so into working productively, to create the work and lifestyle scenario you desire.

It almost feels like spooky manifesting magic -no one else knows how the fuq you do it. But you know the focus required to get it right, of course.

And speaking of control freakery, Mercury and Mars in your relationship sector for this Moon.

I mean on the one hand, with Mars trine positive Jupiter in your communication sector, relationship dynamics are passionate and highly intelligent. You share a fierce desire nature with whoever you are dealing with right now; you both know what you want and how to communicate effectively, for mutually exciting connection. Maybe sexy times with your lover, with stimulating pillow talk, to bond mentally as much as physically?

On the other hand Mars can exacerbate clever Mercury, to criticise one another with bitchy accuracy. As in any underlying tensions, misunderstandings or power trips can flare up at warp speed! Feels like the temptation to bitch it up, with narky, smart ass jibes -is best avoided with genuine curiosity about each others point of view, and courageous honesty. Know what I mean? Especially by the time Mercury retro from Aug 26th, you want to have some functional communication skills going on.

Meanwhile Venus lingering in your practical 6th house, till October is retrograde for August, conjunct Bitch Lilith:

With Venus occupying your 6th house, you’ve been having such a good time, working your best creative talent on the day job. And the more you do what you love, you get to enjoy a sense of fulfilling purpose every day. And cultivate the lifestyle you most enjoy, working to live on your own terms rather than just living to work-right? So with Venus retrograde, you embrace the opportunity to refine the creative process even as certain, temporary obstacles slow down professional momentum. Taking the time to get even better at what you do has it’s own rewards, to earn a sense of professional accomplishment-more so than immediate progress.

Especially with Saturn in Pisces, you are totally turned on by the satisfaction of patient, hard-yakka personal growth.

Cue the New Moon of Aug 16th in your 6th house, conjunct Venus & Lilith. Square Uranus, joining expansive Jupiter in your ideas sector. You have such incandescent, genius notions rising up, helping to innovate your schemes and dreams. Perfect timing, to question what you’re on about in a positively productive way. The better to innovate your daily schedule and work ethic accordingly.

Image: El Velo by Antonio Mora


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