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So wild Uranus is half way through several years in your 3rd house of ideas & communication. Lucky you are such an open-minded, magical realist creature; because radical, liberating new ways of thinking about life are so turning you on right now…

And Uranus is playing with the Destiny Point this month. Your intuition is sensationally bang on, about believing in your own intentions & possibilities that accurately represent the best possible path you can take moving forward. It’s like aligning with whatever flow fate has in store for you, as an active creatrix, consciously manifesting genius plans that just feel right.

Also aware of the inspiring dialogues going on in your life, with like minded people who support what you’re on about -they are gold!

Or even tricky conversations, with people who challenge your assumptions are positive, for different perspectives to keep you honest & on your toes. As I said, it’s all about keeping an open mind to the big picture going on around you-as you navigate the flux keeping the integrity of your own vision intact.

Because August begins with a spectacular, exact conjunction of Mars on Uranus/Destiny Point. Just as Mercury in your relationship sector emphasises intelligent, sparkly communication with the people that matter.

Mars energises your point of view. Which can be shining your truth with brilliant integrity, inspiring others as you go and healthy assertiveness/stimulating verbal repartee if any disagreements arise?

Or charging around being right just for the sake of intellectual superiority, or conflict with someone trying to force their opinion on you…. not so useful, obviously.

Early August is all about clear intentions & how well you articulate them, for game changing confidence to walk your talk in the world. Excellent.

Especially the Full Moon of Aug 12th in your home turf, the 12th house of spooky, cosmic instincts to align with your spiritual/creative calling. Especially Saturn involved, there’s not much wriggle room -you either have the discipline to live according to whatever matters most deeply to you, or you feel kind of compromised & vague about WTF you are doing right now?

Because this Moon has creative Venus/productive Ceres in your work/health sector -trine lucky Jupiter & healing Chiron in your income sector. It feels so good to feed your personal vitality, taking care of your health with loving self care; the better to cultivate a healthy work ethic, to manifest the income to support the fulfilling lifestyle you want to enjoy, doing something you really care about for a living.

Then the New Moon of the 27th is in your love sector:

Romance thrives when you really communicate with your lover. I mean as discussed earlier with Uranus /Destiny Point in your 3rd house, clear conversations are sensationally revealing. And with chatty Mercury in your sexy 8th house for this Moon, it’s those sweetly vulnerable, intimate moments with your lover you can really speak your mind with emotional authenticity?

This Moon exactly square passionate Mars in your home sector, to fire up the domestic dynamic. Could be the confidence to address any conflict/drama rising up-ideally in a healthy way. Could be positive, energetic mutual support with loved ones gets even better.

And with sexy Mars involved could be hot seductions on home turf, to take your shacked up relationship, or a date with someone new to promising, next level potential…

Image: Eliza DeLite


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