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You’ve been waiting for this one for a while; the rare, divine conjunction between your traditional ruler Jupiter and your modern ruler Neptune, exalted in Pisces is exact this month!

Neptune brings your spooky, mystical enigma, magical realist attitude, spiritual wisdom & glamorous allure. Jupiter amplifies all this with an expansive, positive, philosophically intelligent perspective, and exuberant confidence in being your natural self.

It’s a powerfully inspiring, sublime combination to embrace your wildest dreams, crazy/kooky/exquisitely skilled creative expression, shiny personal style/glam good looks and having lots of fun doing stuff that turns you on. Pisces power has never felt so positive!

And ok, also some of your trickier tendencies can be dramatically exacerbated here.

Fantasy land: You can blow the slightest delusion out of proportion, and get caught up expending massive energy on batshit crazy schemes & dreams. A bit of critical thinking goes a long way, to grounding your plans in real life.

Indulging bad habits: Getting out of it, day drinking, drugs, naughty lifestyle scenarios…you could get real louche here, so obviously want to watch that hmmm?

But overall this is really such fabulous, uplifting astro, I’m sure you will work it well, for optimal personal bliss x

Meanwhile the New Moon of April 1st is in your security/income sector, to ground yourself & manifest all this in real terms. You’ve got Mercury for clever, pragmatic intentions. And finesse financial schemes, by clear communication with whoever you are doing biz/money negotiations with.

And the healer Chiron, syncing nurturing Ceres in your home/personal/family sector. For the emotional intelligence to create a sustainable income scenario that honours your overall wellbeing, healthy lifestyle and fulfilling relationships in your work & life.

And speaking of relationships -the Venus/Mars relationship magic, of the last 2 months is finishing conjunct Saturn in your soul sector early April.

So there is spooky, karmic love magic afoot. And even with commitment focused Saturn involved, it’s not so much about heavy ‘us talks’ or suffocating, bourgeois expectations of one another. More so feeling into the subtle cues with your lover or partner, to connect on the karmic, spiritual level that brought you together in the first place.

It feels like a deep commitment to the meaningful connection you share, and how Destiny is helping you guys to grow together as soulmates, supporting one another’s spiritual growth.

Or if single/on the prowl? The kind of attractions that are coming up this month tend to be spooky/destinal, with weird & wonderful synchronicity -and could be so promising. But maybe not so much instant, normal progress to hook up as such. More sussing out each other for a while & see what your romantic antennae picks up…after mid April the love vibe feels more tangible.

Image: Renee Russo, by Helmut Newton, Vogue 1974


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