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Full Moon in Pisces coming up, exact 9.54am Sept 21st, AEST. And it's spooky... with Pisces cosmic ruler Neptune involved, there is magic afoot...

We are super attuned to our psychic antennae & gut instincts. So we totally know what's going down in the world around us -to the extent it's weird as fuq out there right now, we can see through the illusions & stay true to ourselves no matter what.

And capacity for magical manifestation. If our intentions are clearly aligned with our emotional intelligence about what we need right now; we have Mars opposite this Moon in creative Libra for the talent & motivation to make it happen. It looks like magic & it is spookily effective, but of course good old fashioned focus & discipline is the alchemy to make our dreams come true in real life.

And in our personal lives we are exquisitely attuned to the subtleties of relational dynamics-we can read our loved ones/lovers minds & needs, ideally with full empathy & compassion huh? Because we are all pretty sensitive & feeling the pressure right now, so a bit of unconditional love & support is really appreciated, and goes a long way to nurturing healthy relationships, obviously.

Meanwhile, to the extent Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever has been brewing lately, we have to talk about Mars opposite this one. Mars brings strong passion to the mix, and a tendency to conflict & drama as tensions suddenly erupt with the Full Moon need to express our true feelings. But Mars in diplomatic Libra here has us madly skirting around the issue-trying valiantly to keep the peace. This is wonderful to work out our issues with as much mutual respect as possible. But also could be a bit of denial going on...ooh aren’t we vibing nicely polite, whilst emo bubbling under the surface rises up like a pot of sticky caramel at boiling point...

Ha it's a hot, sweet & volatile vibe for this Moon.... let's keep it lovely & real huh?

Image: Christian Shloe


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