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Pisces Full Moon, exact 7.53pm Sept 10th, AEST.

Full Moon are always a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing all month, and in Pisces our longings are are about, magical, spiritual ecstasy, just as much as the usual needs & desires.

Especially conjunct Pisces ruler, mystical Neptune, we hanker for an inneffable, oceanic, rapturous union with the divine -which is kind of tricky to pin down to a particular point of satisfaction...

Ideally we are truly, consciously present in the simplest moments of bliss.

Spending time in nature; listening to birdsong, smelling the flowers, touching the grass, immersed in the ocean, tending our garden-cliche but true. Especially Uranus on the Destiny Point in earthy Taurus, sudden moments of inspiration come from simply experiencing our physical body in the natural world.

Losing ourselves in the creative process; allowing the music, writing, painting etc capture our imagination, as we feel our muse moving through us, rather than so much worry about the final product.

Really connecting with our loved ones; on a level of unconditional empathy, compassion & embracing whatever arises between us. As opposed to assessing the vibe from an emotional distance, wasting the moment wondering 'where do we stand', if you know what I mean? I mean with bitch Lilith in Cancer, we have the innate intelligence of basic, healthy, interpersonal boundaries, of course. But if we choose wisely to care about someone special, why not allow ourselves to truly accept who each other are right now?

Spiritual practice: yoga, meditation, prayer, quiet communion with our higher self & the mysteries of life is beautiful, here. This is the lovely gift of a Neptune Moon.

I mean yes we want to chase our wildest dreams & intoxicating thrills-and that's ok. But if we place these experiences too far outside ourselves, as something to strive towards rather than within ourselves & already immanent in our lives, it begins to feel impossible & ultimately frustrating.

Which can lead to disillusionment and cynical, cheap thrills: like pursuing hare brained schemes cos they seem 'easier' than being productive, getting batshit drunk/out of it for short term pleasure, or manipulating someone else to participate in some delusional, fantasy intimacy to fill an empty space within us, etc. The kind of shadow, nebulous Neptune behaviour we want to watch, hmmm?

Happy Pisces Full Moon, folks. Lets keep it high end, delightful & life affirming xxx


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