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OCTOBER VIBES, let's grab a coffee and GET ON WITH IT!

October is here and the scopes are up. Posted a bit late, as I've been a busy GypsyQueen, and quite a lot going on, to talk about. More detail, for your sign, with the Oct Scopes here. Meanwhile I will keep my Oct summary short & sweet...

Venus & Lilith conjunct in Leo early Oct, then moving together, into Virgo from Oct 9th. We integrate our sweet, people pleasing skills with our fierce, fuq off individuality. In terms of empowering self expression, passionate relating and how to walk our talk in pragmatic, realistic terms.

Pluto direct in Capricorn Oct 11th, then Mars into Pluto ruled Scorpio Oct 12th. Time to get real about whatever lust for life turns us on, with the specific, empowering intentions to be pragmatic about it. Manifesting magic requires focus, and gritty determination, right?

Especially Eclipse season, where we are channelling cosmic energy, that we can direct in positive ways, the more we are conscious about it:

The Solar Eclipse of Oct 15th, in Libra to finesse our love & relationship dynamics.

The partial Lunar Eclipse of Oct 29th, in Taurus to be solid about sticking to our values, and material success.

Happy October folks, let's seize the moment, and make something wonderful happen x


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