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So it's Scorpio season, and the November scopes are up for badass attitude to get on with it:

Nov 1st has Mars entering Scorpio; to begin the month with a libidinous, limbic, raw lust for life throbbing away in the background...

Because as traditional ruler of Scorpio, Mars is super powerful here; maybe not so much charging around overtly asserting ourselves, more we suddenly feel so turned on to our most primal passions & appetites, how to satisfy them and low-key owning our personal power behind the scenes. Quietly, cunningly scheming our next move in dark-horse mode is our best look here. Not forcing our agenda on anyone but also taking no shit -we are too busy being formidable, spunky forces of nature willing to do the personal transformation work; to enjoy our pleasures, according to our own desire nature & create the future we desire as we go.

Then Venus into Capricorn from Nov 6th, for an extended visit until early March; four whole months of the love goddess gracing the most pragmatic sign of all! We get to be savvy about satisfaction & commitment in relationships & romance, a sense of accomplishment & creative discipline in our arty/biz endeavours and tangible financial success.

Yes, so even though there's nothing wrong with instant gratification with this Mars/Venus action-let's relish every moment of pleasure; we are also working long term to really meaningful outcomes, based on the integrity of being our true selves in the world, know what I mean?

And the Scorpio New Moon of Nov 5th is exactly opposite radical Uranus, then the Full Moon of the 19th has Uranus exactly opposite Mars in Scorpio. This is a rebellious, self-empowered spirit rising up all month, to realise the status quo/notions of personal & collective stability/control systems are falling away as we speak...and embrace our capacity for personal & collective transformation to create a much more life-affirming, positive future right?

Happy November folks, and much more detail to enjoy this sexy, sensational astro for your sign with the Nov horoscopes here x


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