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So love goddess Venus & her lover Mars-vibing randy in Scorpio are dancing around each other, in a sweet sextile aspect from early Nov till mid December. So yeah, we might want to pay attention to the hot attractions and deeper connection with our lover/partner turning us on right now...

Because the whole point of the sextile aspect is an easy, flowing chemistry in our romance/love lives; sans drama or playing tricky games about it. If it feels good to be with someone special, take the time to enjoy it. If dating etc and it feels right to send that txt/flirty come-on...maybe keep it light & playful for potentially sexy results?

I mean FFS the world is a crazy, headfuq place right now for many of us trying to navigate the madness; and if we can embrace a connection with someone sympathetic/supportive/fun or maybe long term, to share the journey with... let's take our romantic pleasures where we find them huh?

But also Venus is in Capricorn, for an unusually long time from November till March. Which has us refining our most particular, idealistic, and ok ,control freaky boundaries & rules about what we want from our lover. Are we being a bit rigid here, or is the quality control on point hmmm? Because Venus conjunct Pluto, all December is such explosive, hot, authentic passion to blow expectations out of the water and just feel the reality of who we are dealing with.

Yes this could be a reality check, to clear out any toxic entanglements-the better to be open to new possibilities. Or could it be a brave, vulnerable, empowered heart to go deep with our current love affair; smash any fear and choose love to make it work? Ooh la la the passions are running high...

Mood board below, for some possible mating season vibes right now:

Good luck to all the courageous lovers out there -ready to love like they mean it x

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