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So March is here, and the horoscopes are up.

…A little late, but to be honest after the hell Feb I’ve just had -including computer failure, lost word files and dealing with dodgy Apple warranties (grrr), it’s a miracle they’re posted at all, lol! I don’t know about you guys, and I never say this but February sucked! Looking forward to a much better March, so here goes: 

We have Venus/Mars completing their conjunction in Aquarius for the first half of March; that was such a big deal, conjunct Pluto last month. We get to finesse any relationship skills and love life action, that has been so revealing and transformative. Sexy passions have been unleashed, as well as any brewing dramas that were ready to explode. To move forward with greater clarity about who we love and why, with an intelligent eye to power dynamics going on, to keep harmonious co-operation and sweet romance properly real. 

Then the New Moon in Pisces March 10th, smack bang between dreamy Pisces ruler Neptune and practical, hard-ass Saturn. Venus into Pisces from the 12th helps, to attune to the perfect balance of heightened inspiration and pragmatism. Hopefully magical realism going on, to manifest our desires and visionary genius in real life? 

Then Mars into Pisces, just in time for the Libra Full Moon of March 25th. For creative and romantic confidence, to keep chasing our dreams & desires. 

Especially Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Taurus, building momentum this month-to be exact by mid April. We are ready for radical optimism, about embracing the healthy pleasures and sense of accomplishment that turn us on….let’s stay excited about that! 

Lots more detail for your sign, with the horoscopes finally up here. Happy March, folks xx


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