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So the March horoscopes are up -and it feels quite positive, actually.

I've been talking for a while about Venus & Mars in a very rare, long term conjunction, from Nov till April; so we are still enjoying this dance of love/human connection playing out.

And last month it was all about Capricorn mating energy on point, to finesse the quality of commitment in romantic partnership and family/biz negotiations. Which becomes extra powerful with the New Moon of March 3rd, with Venus/Mars in a sexy, transformative, potentially lucrative conjunction with Pluto. A power moon to begin the month for sure!

Then the exact Venus/Mars conjunction moves into Aquarius, for the rest of the month:

Friends become lovers & lovers become friends...for a mutually supportive, conscious romantic perspective.

And we explore a humanistic, fraternal love with friends, our wider tribe, social network and community. We realise we are all one, and behave as such.

Especially the Saturn/Jupiter square easing off; where power trips and Us vs Them blame gives way, to hold hands and deal with stuff together. Nice one!

Then the Virgo Full Moon of the 18th, opposite magical Neptune. The old adage of finessing the details of the things we CAN control, whilst surrendering to the flow, and trusting the things we CAN'T control; whilst maintaining the integrity of our spiritual quite the exquisite balancing act!

Happy March folks, let's embrace unconditional love & hold the line on the things that matter, as much as possible x

And lots more detail for your sign, with the March horoscopes here.


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