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So October is fabulous new momentum, where the big deal planets Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto turn direct after months of tedious retrograde-yay we’re finally ready for fresh inspo to finally move forward:

And for Libra, Mars in your sign this month is perfect timing, for the raw energy & sexy, life affirming confidence to feel good about your potential & take advantage of new opportunities as they present themselves. It’s all about seizing the day, and you are wonderfully enthused & impatient to get on with it -yes this is an excellent attitude, go for it!

And ok, Mercury retrograde Sept 29th till Oct 22nd is pause for thought -just when you want to charge forward you realize there are certain details/techno glitches/weird communication you need to clarify first. But that’s not such a bad thing, right? Just helps to finesse the process, which you do appreciate being quite the perfectionist and all.

Also Mars opposite the healer Chiron in your love sector Oct 1st sets the tone; for a sensitive approach to dealing with your loved ones, who could be vibing kind of complicated/vulnerable right now. Considerate, caring interpersonal skills are important here, especially for such a relationship driven sign -you get that personal success is better when you can share it with the people you most care about.

Then the Mars driven New Moon of the 6th is so connected to your fabulous, empowered personal goals and doing your own thing just because you can. Hot personal charisma & self-assurance for sure! Especially Mercury in your sign trine lucky Jupiter in your talent sector; both retro for the patience to articulate your creative schemes properly, to get them right as you prepare to launch your next brilliant manoeuvre in the world.

And Pluto direct in your domestic sector for this Moon reminds you to consider-do your current goals allow for positive growth with fundamental domestic/family/love life dynamics going on? Because personal connections matter-thank you Chiron in your love sector. As well as dealing with any changing circumstances that have been brewing in your abode/real estate situation, to ensure you are living somewhere you really want to be?

Then by the 18th Mercury in your sign & Jupiter in your talent sector both turn direct- with Mars in your sign trine Jupiter and square Pluto in your home sector. This is where you really pick up any fab inspo from the New Moon of the 6th, about how & where you want to live your most fulfilling lifestyle, with satisfying self-expression in the world and get on with tangible, accelerated progress to that end.

Then the Full Moon of the 21st with the healer Chiron in your love sector, opposite Mars & Mercury in your sign. This means assertive, emotionally intelligent communication with your lover could work a treat, if you can handle the vulnerable moments that are revealed?

Image: unable to find original source for this cool picture.


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