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So with sexy Mars & healing Chiron retrograde through your relationship sector all month, you’re kind of dealing with the nitty gritty Libra love paradigm.

As in key loved ones/lovers/partner/whoever is rocking your world are more likely to be coming on strong. And could be beautifully sensitive to any tetchy emotional issues coming up &the nuances of attraction/vulnerability etc; for fab, authentic connection. But also could be moody/volatile/batshit crazy when least expected…

Which makes the New Moon of the 2nd in your relationship sector such an opportunity to work those exquisite interpersonal skills of yours! I mean Mars square Saturn/Pluto trigger any power trips & insecurities, especially domestic or family dynamics -and with Chiron involved, it feels timely to dig a little deeper into the complex feelings going on & deal with it, with as much emotional intelligence as possible.

Because if anyone can handle tricky love dynamics with sweet equanimity, it’s our clever Libra right?

Also because your ruler Venus into your soul sector from the 4th is all about solo time, to align with cosmic/creative inspo. So the perfect balance between filling your cup with inner spiritual wellbeing whilst stepping up to the imperatives of healthy relationship with others is your thing this month. Lucky this balancing act is your core competency, being the sign of perfect harmony & all.

But then the New Moon of the 17th is cracker; opposite Mars & bitch Lilith & square Pluto/Saturn to really fire up the interpersonal tension –for combative or brilliantly passionate purposes as the case may be-eek? Well lucky you have Jupiter direct, in beautiful trine with Venus just off this Moon on the 19th, increasing the positive vibe with family/love dynamics, and a happy home for your heart as the month goes on. Perfect timing to keep it sweet!

Image: Ten times Rosie by Rankin


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