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Lets talk about the relationship action this month, which you totally dig as the sign with the best interpersonal skills of all:

Lucky Jupiter fresh in your partner sector is joined by libidinous Mars early June. So you’re fully confident about dealing with your loved ones with full, fabulous authenticity.

Especially your lovely ruler Venus, in your sex/intimacy sector, with Mercury direct early June, to finesse the love language only hones your classy romantic allure. So on point to connect like you mean it, you gorgeous love machine you!

And even if sexy love aint your thing right now, you adore feeling connected with all the special folks in your life, family/biz/platonic tribe.

Then the Full Moon of the 14th is in your communication sector; so it’s all about a speaking up, for as much mutual understanding as possible, with the peeps that matter:

-Trine Neptune in your work/day job sector, to finesse tricky yet spooky promising professional dialogues with the perfect, subtle charm you are so good at.

Especially Saturn in your talent sector, to back up your professional allure with solid creative discipline, to be brilliant at what you do.

-And Pluto in your home sector, to broach deep family/co-hab/interpersonal issues, with as much emotional intelligence possible.

Especially with your ruler Venus, between electrifying Uranus & the Destiny Point in your sex/intimacy sector, and sexy Mars on the caring healer Chiron in your partner sector -yes this includes your love/romance life!

Could be properly volatile issues coming up with your lover, and ready to do next level, radical vulnerability to work it out. Could be bonding more deeply & authentically for long term commitment-with lucky Jupiter in your partner sector. The mutual devotion, that comes from this kind of emotional courage is so valuable!

Or a crazy, promising new attraction could rock your world-who knows where the fuq it’s going -but certainly a buzz one way or the other?

Or if restless Jupiter & tetchy Uranus have you or your lover scrambling for personal space and maybe time apart? You get that a bit of emotional oxygen goes a long way, to get a new perspective - hopefully to come together later with more clarity, right?

Or even if dealing with an inevitable separation/thwarted crush; you get this release point frees you up for much better, fresh possibilities of course. So if single, you thank your lucky stars you are free of entanglement for the moment, to go forth and prosper on your own terms, and maybe find unexpected romance along the way-nice.

Image: Cliff ChunKit Cheung


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