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Well even if Chiron in your love sector lately has been bringing up sensitive, vulnerable issues with your loved ones -which has been lovely for gentle care & healing, but kinda cramping the sexy buzz? Mars in your sex/intimacy sector from Jan 7th heats things up, then get ready for Mars on Uranus by the 21st to bring it to the boil; unleashing deep feelings & much wilder, more thrilling passions to reveal themselves in full technicolour!

I mean this is great for fab romance that is actually ready to thrive next level, but also super volatile for any cracked connection that aint working, know what I mean? Including financial/biz entanglements, they’re either shining or require speedy innovation to bring them them up to speed in changing times. So either way it’s a weird & wonderful reality check, for dynamic growth in your relational vibe one way or the other…

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 13th is Pluto driven in your domestic sector -an equally intense pressure for transformative growth with family, co-habs & any big home/real estate decisions going on.

It’s perfect to cut the crap with your tribe/the people you live with to create a more authentic, deeply satisfying home for your heart with the whoever you can be your true self with. Great for renewed chemistry with your shacked up partner, honest dynamics with your extended fam or just keeping it real with housemates etc. Or big relocation/financially significant property issues could reveal themselves here.

Because with Venus involved your natural, inspired desire for beauty, lush interior design, loving relationships & domestic harmony is more on point than ever –might as well trust your instincts on creating a beautiful home for your heart huh?

Also because the Full Moon of the 29th triggers lucky Jupiter in your play/creative sector, just as Venus reaches exact conjunction with Pluto in your home sector. It’s the perfect alignment of sweet, fulfilling dolce vita living just for the simple pleasure of enjoying the life you live –how gorgeous!

Also this Full Moon is in your social sector, with Jupiter daring you to get out there and play in the wider world as well. Networking feels good, whether just for fun/good times on the party scene or shameless self promotion about whatever brilliant talent you’ve been madly working on all month-time to shine for sure.

New Year Resolution: I create a haven for my heart, with a home base that keeps evolving to support my brilliant creative endeavours & caring love & family relationships. It doesn’t have to be stable –in fact it probably won’t be, the better to embrace exciting growth in my personal life & expressing my beautiful talent in the world.


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