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So Pluto changing signs is the big astro right now, throbbing away in the background-and  think you’re going to love it! As follows:


After 15 years of Pluto, in your 4th house of home & family. By now you’ve been courageous enough to dig deep, reveal and address any skeletons in the family closet/emotional baggage about it and navigate any domestic dramas, with the people you’ve been living with? Or if any upheaval about your physical home, having to move or deal with property issues? At least clear about where & how you want to live, to manifest your ideal abode by now?

So as Feb begins with Pluto finally out of your 4th, you give yourself credit for how far you’ve come; your new normal is cleaning up your act at home & authentic connection with your tribe, as best as you can.

Cue Mercury in your 4th house till Feb 5th, as your ruler Venus gets into a conjunction with Mars, in your 4th till mid Feb. The rewards of everything you’ve learned from Pluto, about connecting with your tribe manifest here; domestic harmony, familial love and sweet romance with your lover on home turf.


You are so out of your mind excited, by Pluto fresh into your 5th house of talent, creative expression, confidence & fun! Especially the New Moon of Feb 10th, to awaken this new, life affirming, force of nature energy rising up within you:

Pluto plans to reveal, and eliminate any tedious self-doubt/low self esteem that has been holding you back. The more you let yourself be brilliant and have a good time, unleashing your shiny radiance upon the world? You get to embrace the bliss of play, creative flow and permission to be your true, authentic, charismatic self, just because you can. And yay, with Pluto here for the next 20 years -what’s not to love about this big new, positive chapter of your life? It’s your natural thing , as such a Venusian creature to enjoy the pleasures coming up


Then Venus/Mars join Pluto mid Feb, so let’s talk about that:

Talent-Pluto plans to whip your creative process into shape, and as such a true artiste you love this chance to get better & better at what you do, right?  Venus/Mars help, to refine your brilliant talent with the discipline to work your as off about it.

Play-Pluto is pure life force, and wants to free you up to embrace, and be energised by whatever natural, life-affirming fun turns you on the most. Venus/Mars help, to bond with the crew you like to have a good time with.

Sweet romance-this is where Venus/Mars really shine!  Perfecting their conjunction, conjunct Pluto by Feb 22nd.  The thrill of flirty frisson, sparkly chemistry & hot date nights is such a buzz. Whether your famous relationship skills making quality, harmonious time with your partner or lover? Or if single your famous, flirty wiles work a treat on the dating scene, if you want to lure someone gorgeous into your orbit?

I tell you what, Pluto/Venus/Mars is potential for next level, powerful passion! Even the most innocuous flirty come on, or marital moment of connection can amplify full blown desire & devotion, at warp speed!


Then Mercury joins Sun/Saturn in your practical 6th house, from Feb 23rd. To get real, about intelligent ways to work all the talent Pluto is activating, on the actual day job/genius biz strategies. And realise in order to be a success machine, you need to cultivate healthy daily habits, for the physical strength to back a fierce work ethic.

Just in time to sync the Full Moon of Feb 24th, in your soul sector. Self care matters here! And it must be holistic wellbeing. Nurturing your spiritual, creative & emotional needs, as well as discipline to keep your body healthy-makes a happy, radiant Libra at the top of your game.

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