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Dec begins with your ruler Venus in Libra, quintile Neptune retro in your practical 6th house. With all the creative confidence, and gorgeous charisma of Venus in your sign lately-this is spooky inspo brewing, about creating optimum work and dolce vita lifestyle scenarios.

I mean with Saturn direct, also in your 6th from last month. You’ve been getting a handle on the discipline required, to cultivate serious work ethic and healthy habits-to get your act together. Maybe more a sense of necessity, doing the hard graft just because pressure to perform at work, turn up at the gym etc, to prove you can be a lean, mean success machine. Even if Neptune retro has been creeping ennui, wondering if all this hard yakka is actually achieving anything meaningful? Maybe certain dreams have felt more elusive than ever? At least it’s been character building to remain focused anyway, right?

So Neptune direct from Dec 6th is perfect timing, to suddenly feel inspired again! You begin to trust your intuition, about your highest aspirations and spiritual purpose in the world. Positive daily habits and work ethic have a renewed sense of meaning, with a beautifully real, idealistic sense of what you are capable of. December calls you to flourish in every sense-and you are ready to rise up singing…

Especially Venus into your 2nd house of personal values & security, exactly trine Saturn as Neptune turns direct. The savvy self belief & healthy work ethic to follow your dreams, in tangible ways you can manifest this month. Doing whatever you truly believe in, every day is satisfying just because being true to yourself. And living a creative, beautifully stylish life is what you do.

I mean as a child of Venus, you adore bringing art, beauty and harmony to the world, just because it’s your gorgeous vibe. Your version of security is living a beautiful lifestyle, in a beautiful environment with the freedom to be creative every day. Also how to monetise all this is handy, of course.

Cue the significance of Venus trine Saturn, early Dec. Sudden, practical insights about making good coin doing what you do. Getting the commercial viability of your latest biz venture/hard graft on the job? With fresh determination to hustle the hell out of it?? Yes, you’re all over it this month!

Cue the New Moon of Dec 13th, with Mars/Ceres in your 3rd house of clever ideas & clear communication:

You figure out the right people to impress, with suave networking skills, to show off your genius and get ahead professionally. This is your core competency of course-you were born to schmooze in the world.

Also, speaking of sweet, harmonious relating skills. The Libra love life flourishes here -your famous, flirty wiles are next level!

Mars brings the hot, seductive passion, and Ceres brings the genuinely caring, vulnerable intimacy.

Especially healing Chiron in your partner sector. And Jupiter/Uranus in your sexy 8th house.

The courage to communicate your feelings with positive, liberating honesty. And no matter how wild or intense the feelings become, your natural, harmonious relating skills keep it sweet, right?

Then the Full Moon of Dec 27th in your brilliant career sector, trine Saturn in your practical 6th house. To leverage all that renewed idealism about work, with deliciously effective professional instincts. Success has your number!

Image: Beto Hektor


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