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So with Mars powering away in your love sector, your relationships are picking up pace nicely. Any tetchy bad moods from certain people or power trips are ideally dropping away now, as you clear the air and get on with a more dynamic, positive way of relating.

Yes including quite a passionate romantic vibe coming at you, if you’re into that kind of thing & especially if you are into men, or really anyone bringing that masculine principle of hot blooded, libidinous pursuit of lovely you…

Also the with the healer Chiron in your love sector and Uranus clearing out any issues in your sex/intimacy sector for the next several years; you are getting the hang of a deeper, more vulnerable vibe which also liberates you to love more honestly in all your most important connections (romance/family/biz/whatever entanglements you want to get right).

And to that end the Total Solar Eclipse of the 15th in your communication sector; with chatty Mercury involved, in sync with Mars and luvvy Venus turning up from the 16th is good practice. As in if you’re feeling it with anyone special mid Dec, it’s time to speak up and make your thoughts/intentions known already! Could be opening up with your existing lover/partner for next level connection/flirty repartee with a crush/schmoozing some biz deal or just generally being extra nice & real with everyone around you; & realizing they are so much likely to respond beautifully, to any gesture of genuine connection from you-know what I mean?

I mean especially because Venus is bound to bring your charm, charisma, romantic synergy &smooth negotiations skills to get it right from mid Dec-so if not now, when??

Because then we have Saturn &Jupiter into your sector of play, talent & confident self-expression from the 20th, for the next few years: Jupiter is about the bravado of knowing how damn good you are a what you do & having fun with that just for the thrill of it-yes this is fab. And Saturn is all yeah great, but you better back it up with fierce creative discipline, to walk your talk and actually deliver on your shameless self-promotion -I mean you want to keep it real.

Especially by the Full Moon of the 30th in your career sector; where you are actually quite visionary about your life plans thanks to your ruler Venus inspiring the Destiny Point- a great time to go forth & flourish & succeed just because you can x

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