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So as much as you are possibly the most relationship orientated sign; it’s usually finessing interpersonal/romantic harmony with a cool, classy vibe. You’re not so much into messy emotions. Partly because you’re just so good at balanced, mutually respectful love for functional connection and partly because-do admit-you’re kind of a control freak and crazy, intense feelings freak you out?

But oh my goodness we have to talk about the Libra love life getting real, down & dirty this month:

The Mars/Destiny Point/Uranus conjunction, exact in your 8th house of intense sex/emotional intimacy early August. Could be batshit crazy, sudden chemistry with someone weird-that kind of feels meant to be so you can’t resist? Or suddenly revealing true feelings with your lover, that are pretty damn raw & volatile-either perfect to open up & connect deeply, for real long term growth as a couple OR deal with upheaval/emotional space & maybe an exit plan from some chaotic entanglement?

Especially lucky Jupiter & the healer Chiron retrograde in your partner sector. You have the positive attitude & emotional generosity to be vulnerable with your special someone, and they are more likely to reciprocate with genuine feelings. This could honestly be so powerful, to do mutually caring, unconditional love that works?

Or if you are restless as fuq, about a wounded connection that is holding you back -this could be your cue to be true to yourself & move on, for your own emotional wellbeing?

So yeah the Libra love life, in terms of romantic as well as platonic/family/tribe dynamics is throwing up some very real issues to deal with. Well done you for loving large where you can, with enough self-care to look after your own needs as you go.

Then the Full Moon of Aug 12th, in your 5th house of playful self expression, would normally be fun just for the sake of having a good time. I mean with your sparkly ruler Venus on caring Ceres in your social sector; your famous charisma to swan around on the scene being fabulous, and everyone loves you for inspiring them to shine works a treat.

But also this one is conjunct taskmaster Saturn; more about the creative discipline to come to terms with your natural, brilliant talent and doing the work to get even better at it. You are drilling down on the integrity of whatever you are on about; you want to be seriously good at what you do. Which is fab, to walk your talk in the world with spunky self-assurance. But you do want to watch any neurotic self-doubt creeping in; where you are so obsessed with being perfect you cramp your own style -know what I mean?

Especially the New Moon of the 27th in your soul sector, square Mars in your vision sector with clever Mercury in your sign. You are acting with equal parts pure intuition, brazen confidence in big plans & finessing the details; quite the balancing act & you’re onto it, of course.

Image: Rose Huntington Whitely for Rankin

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