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Leo New Moon, exact August 16th, 7.38pm AEST. To the extent New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective, in Leo we allow ourselves extravagant moods. We feel everything with larger than life passion!

I mean Leo energy is just as likely to be looking within, to align the courage of our convictions in order to alchemise golden self-awareness. Or furiously working towards some kind of creative self-expression, to radiate our truth as we seek to understand ourselves. Or discovering the emotional generosity for deliciously warm affection, to share our feelings with our loved ones.

Just as much as the Leo cliche -of charging around, broadcasting our desires with theatrical drama-queen antics, lol.

So whether we are in flamboyant self-expression mode, or more introspective for this Moon, we do feel it all quite deeply. And seek the integrity of being deeply true to ourselves. As well as the lovely Leo quality of being deeply devoted, and loyal to our loved ones.

Because this New Moon is particularly intense:

Aspect Pluto/Neptune/Uranus, to trigger sudden, transformative spiritual/personal growth, on a personal and collective level. Woah baby, certain truth bombs could reveal our beautiful dreams, and the demons we can master in a liberating way, in order to shine.

Also this Moon smack bang between sweet Venus retrograde and Bitch Lilith. We realise our desire to please one another, with harmonious relating and our desire to be true to our own weird, quirky qualities that not everyone understands are equally valuable.

Obviously the relationships that thrive right now, are the ones that allow one another our unique individuality; as we are ideally turned on by the differences between us, just as much as the easy chemistry of the things we agree upon. Know what I mean?

Hopefully we can meow, purr and roar as is our wont; to have a good time with this gorgeous, life affirming vibe. Happy Leo New Moon folks x

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