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So Venus lingering in your sign from June till October this year is quite a buzz. I mean your natural charisma is pretty hot at the best of times; and it’s been great to have Venus activating your innate radiance, creative talent, charm and good looks even more, right?

So just when you were feeling good about being you, how have you been going with Venus retrograde, since July 25th ?

Maybe you’ve embraced the chance to take a step back, quit forcing certain creative momentum or pleasing certain people; and embrace the Leo Zen of just being you? And in that space of equanimity, unattached to outcomes the creative process has been able to bubble away in the background, dark horse style away from public scrutiny. And the better to appreciate quality, loving relationships, that allow you to be true to yourself -and you reciprocate by supporting them in return, without having to be the centre of attention. How lovely.

Or maybe you’ve been struggling with thwarted creative projects, that have been fuqing up your biz or personal plans? Or tricky romantic issues, dodging heavy commitment expectations or feeling lonely if single, with Saturn in your intimacy sector?

I mean no doubt some combination of the above, as you navigate the patience required, to work Venus magic in your own sweet time.

And either way, lets not forget Bitch Lilith also in Leo. You’ve been doing the work, to accept yourself in the most fiercely authentic terms. Being true to your kooky, even radically unique qualities that no one else knows what the fuq you’re on about, just as much as the lovely, cuddly qualities that everyone finds so endearing. You’ve been like -not about to start compromising now, right?

So the point is Venus finally moving direct from Sept 4th, to begin the month with gorgeous, renewed moxy!

You feel connected to your creative muse again, to start rocking your talent & arty inspo with fresh confidence. And with Venus trine lucky Jupiter in your brilliant career sector, yes this could totally translate to biz & professional success!

Your romantic wiles return. Whether connecting with your partner more sweetly, or luring a love affair or crush, to the next level of lovely commitment. Your famous reputation, as one of the most delicious lovers of the zodiac is totally re-booted, to love like you mean it!

Mars in your communication sector helps, to get on the front foot with any biz or personal dialogues. As I was saying with Lilith in your sign as Venus direct; you get to broadcast your truth with fierce, unapologetic authenticity. Yes you are diplomatic with the people who get you, to find mutual respect. But as for any power trippy types trying to cramp your style? You couldn’t give a fuq to be honest -too busy shining your light.

Meanwhile the New Moon of Sept 15th, with Mercury turning direct in your 2nd house of personal values and prosperity:

In a grand trine with lucrative Pluto in your work sector and radical Uranus in your career sector. I’m just saying that any opportunities to manifest good coin, could turn up quite unexpectedly this month. Keep an open mind, to genius new earning/biz scenarios. Or just tweaking the work/life balance, to do whatever you love in a way that creates the lifestyle you desire. Nice one.

Image: unable to find original credit for this fabulous picture.

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