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Venus in your sign lately has renewed your glowing, natural beauty, talent and charm, so you are feeling pretty good about being you as September begins.

Then Venus into your security sector from the 6th is a keen eye on how to live according to your core values & beautiful comfortability in your skin-being your true self feels gorgeous, with that radiant self assurance you do so well. And if this allows you to monetise your brilliance, with Venusian abundance so much the better, of course.

And when Venus squares Mars mid month, your romantic mojo sparks up-especially if you are out in the scene flirting, dating, enjoying the attention/ confidence to chase a crush, that comes from having your famous charisma & desirability peaking. Or if already in love/partnered, Saturn in your love sector trine Mars means you are a solid couple in the world; maybe having fun with mutual friends or comfortable enough with your mutual commitment to allow each other plenty of space to pursue stimulating interests in the community, to come back & inspire one another as you go?

So we need to talk about Mars spending a rare, unusually long time in your 11th house, from August this year till March 2023. We call this the social sector, as it’s all about how to be a good human amongst the collective human experience:

This can be as broad as your socio/political views -which tend to be quite radical here, your sense of being connected with the cultural zeitgeist, as it unfolds around you, maybe professional shmoozing with like-minded folk in your chosen industry; and networking intentionally, with whatever ‘movement’ feels aligned with your own principles.

Or as personal as cultivating good relationships within your immediate community, hanging out with the crew who turn you on in your socialising scene, and making quality time for dear friends -you know the ones who have your back no matter what, and you let them know you’re there for them too, even if it’s a simple coffee/glass of wine etc to catch up, have a laugh and enjoy those precious moments together.

And the point is that Mars is where we access our raw vitalility and thrilling lust for life. So feeling connected with your tribe, and a relevant part of the crazy developments we are experiencing in the wider world is SO energising for you, in the next several months. Might as well get amongst it, put your best forward and shine like the crazy diamond you are, huh? You never know how many people you could touch by being authentic, and sharing authentic growth together. Fabulous.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 10th is in your sex/intimacy sector, for your relationahip imperatives to get real close & personal. With magical Neptune involved, there could be a spooky sense of just how soulmate connected you are with your lover/partner, and a deeper understanding of the destinal reason you are together-the better to embrace the full potential of your beautiful entanglement. Or if single/dating, spooky synchronicities to meet/hook up with someone wildly fascinating-could be meant to be, promising desire. Or even if batshit crazy lust, that can’t work long term-still a memorable moment of madness?

So perfect this Moon syncs practical Saturn in your relationship sector. Your capacity to commit for real is on, and maybe someone who reciprocates with equal, long term respect for making the commitment work. Or if not, you have very clear boundaries-you will not be fuqed with and the discipline to not mess with anyone else’s mind. The emotional intelligence to tell the difference between healthy devotion and attaching to co-dependant outcomes just for the sake of security is your superpower. I would advise you to choose wisely in love here, but you’re already so onto it, right?

Image: Dionisis Evangelatos


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