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Saturn direct from Nov 4th, in your 8th house of personal entanglements sets the tone for this month. For context:

After several years in your partner sector, it felt like Saturn already set the rules, for your relationship dynamics? Then Saturn in your 8th, from last March was like ok -there are deeper dimensions of sexy passion, emotional intimacy, family and financial obligations -and the quality of long term commitment, with healthy boundaries I need to figure out? Great, as such a loyal, devoted sign you were so into getting it right.

Then drat, just as you were onto it, Saturn turned retro from last June. Maybe certain loved ones got control freaky or a bit distant, anxious about stuff they couldn’t control? Maybe certain biz/financial negotiations got delayed, triggering security issues around money? Maybe you freaked out a bit, wondering whether to trust your own relating instincts, or relating dynamics around you? Frustrating much?

Of course ideally, everyone involved was intelligent enough to work mutual support, to remind you that that the most important people in your life have your back, even under pressure. This feels so good!

Or even if you were let down/power tripped by certain fuqwits? I tell you what, Bitch Lilith in Leo kicked in with fierce attitude! No nonsense boundaries now in place.

So fast forward to Saturn direct from Nov 4th opposite Lilith, now in your 2nd house of personal values. Just as Venus in your 2nd house exactly opposite Neptune, in your 8th house with Saturn. You are solid enough in your own stance, the better to appreciate the loved ones who appreciate you:

I mean the heart flutters of passionate romance is one thing. And absolutely, yearning desire & soulmate thrills could be turning you on. Even better is solid mutual respect, to figure out the deeper meaning of commitment. A bit of emotional integrity goes a long way, to move forward with revived relating skills. And work at fulfilling relationships with real, potential longevity.

Cue the New Moon of Nov 13th, conjunct Mars and Ceres in your home sector:

Speaking of personal relationships, this Moon is all about family and domestic dynamics -with fresh emotional perspective.

Mars reveals underlying passions. Ideally the vitality of positive relationships with your loved ones, as you motivate one another to thrive. And if any shacked up love action going on-lovely seductive moments to enjoy.

Or ok if any gnarly conflict brewing, time to deal with it! Whether basic bitching about who does the chores etc, domestic spats. Or deep diving into emotionally complex family history or tricky compatibility with a shacked up partner?

The best thing is that either way, caring Ceres helps to ameliorate any tensions, and maximise beautifully nurturing connection with your tribe. If you wanted an excuse to call your mum or dad, spend time with your children, family dinners, date night with your partner, get along with your housemates or whatever brings domestic & familial harmony? This Moon could be gold!

Also opposite Uranus, with Jupiter in your brilliant career sector. A healthy home base is just the thing, to support you to go forth and embrace your most positive, radical career aspirations. Just so you know, any professional goals you are onto right now are worth it- likely to bear fruit when Jupiter turns direct Jan 1st -fab, successful New Years resolutions to look forward to.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of Nov 27th , in your social sector opposite Ceres, Mars & Sun in your favourite 5th house of creative talent and self expression. Showing off your brilliance feels better than ever-so easy to shine in the world, with the recognition you deserve back at you!

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