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So let’s talk about Venus/Mars/Pluto in your 6th house of work, daily routine and health-what do you value (Venus) and what are you going to do about it (Mars), to transform your life one way or the other (Pluto)?

Because if you can fall in love with what really matters to you, genuine self care and get your priorities straight; you have the motivational energy to manifest superbly. Not by sitting back dreaming, but actually doing the work to make stuff happen right?

Yes I know I’m stating the obvious; but honestly this astro amplifies the simple choices you make every day, about where you direct your energy. Every productive, intentional action pays off beautifully; in terms of your sense of purpose, professional success and shiny wellbeing.

And every greedy appetite you indulge could be fun -I mean pleasure is a lovely thing right now if you keep it life affirming. But could become destructive/scatter your energy if you hammer the bad habits, know what I mean?

Also love. Because the mating season vibe from February continues, with Venus/Mars in exact, gloriously romantic embrace early March. Especially exact on Pluto for a primal, sexy energy to heat things up big time. Everyone is feeling it, and for you it’s in your practical 6th house…

If partnered maybe get on a health bender/make tangible plans together, to thrive as a power couple. Especially with Saturn in your relationship sector, shared discipline is such a turn on! Ha ha, even doing the housework/daily chores or getting each other’s advice on career issues could be the best foreplay/romantic bonding moments?

Or if you have an attraction or lover you are scoping out potential with? Same goes, getting to know each other’s goals, and the daily routine with which you achieve them could be a good indication of compatibility?

And if single/on the prowl? I tell you what, glamming up your work wardrobe, looking good on the job and getting your flirty vibe on point with professional attractions is everything right now. You are SO much more likely to meet someone hot as you go about your daily business! You can’t plan this stuff, just staying sharp/spunky about how you do your thing magnetises the next, promising contender…

Meanwhile the New Moon of March 3rd in your 8th house of sex, passion and emotional intimacy is bang on lucky Jupiter. It feels like being radically honest with your lover, to embrace the most authentic, positive potential of your connection sans expectation is massively exciting.

The better to be inspired enough to do the work, described above to cultivate a sustainable, long term relationship; based on actually appreciating who each other actually are. Nice one.

Then the Full Moon of the 18th is amazing to hustle financial advantage, if you can keep any weirdly promising biz negotiations as clear as possible?

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