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The big astro news right now is lucky Jupiter into Aries for the coming year, which is all about personal freedom and expansive personal growth. And in many ways you are the sign most likely to appreciate just how rut-busting this is; in your 9th house of big-picture thinking, visionary schemes, academic/intellectual brilliance, travel wanderlust, relocation to better places and maximum emotional oxygen/freedom of movement to do your own thing in the world.

Especially with Mars conjunct Jupiter as June begins, then keeping on firing up your 9th house for the rest of the month; you really are restless as fuq and busting with ferocious confidence to chase your wildest, most positive dreams!

The plus side of this is obviously wonderful opportunities to grow, find your full potential & not give a fuq what anyone thinks, because you are too busy being fabulous-as you do.

And with Mars conjunct the healer Chiron mid month, also allowing yourself to feel kind of vulnerable as you embrace the great unknown; or just good old fashioned self doubt about what you’re capable of, which we all deal with from time to time -even magnificent you. It’s okay to question & finesse your motivation/life plan as you go, without losing the firepower driving you forward, know what I mean?

Because Venus/Uranus in your biz sector, exact by the 12th is permission to be crazy innovative as you like, about any creative/professional inspo turning you on. Especially with Mercury direct on the Destiny Point here, getting certain key details right could so restore your confidence in the broader life plan.

And the Full Moon of the 14th in your home turf; the 5th house of life-affirming fun, creative confidence and brazen self promotion is perfect, to embrace whatever makes you feel good. Especially trine Mars/Chiron, so maybe the most healing & empowering thing you can do right now is have a good time being your true self. You adore this of course, it’s your natural thing to shine your light just because you can!

Then Venus/Destiny Point in your biz sector on the 17th, trine lucrative Pluto in your day job sector could be a clue or even spectacular light bulb moment, about an opportunity/professional progress that aligns with your creative talent & sense of vocational purpose perfectly.

Also if you happen to be single/on the prowl for romance? Venus on the Destiny Point could be spooky synchronicity, for a flirty moment at work that could maybe lead to something?

And if already involved with someone special? Saturn in your love/partner sector trine Venus/Destiny Point is the discipline, and romantic intelligence to figure out the quality of commitment going on; with healthy emotional boundaries as you support & adore the one you’re with as much as possible. If it’s meant to work long term, it’s worth doing the emotional work to get it right huh?


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