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Jan begins with Venus exactly conjunct Pluto, in your 6th house of healthy lifestyle & work ethic; opposite Lilith in your mystical 12th house.

Suddenly you are into positive, transformative daily habits; in accordance with the most deeply fulfilling imperatives, that drive you from within. This sets a lovely precedent for the month, for holistic spiritual & material wellbeing:

Especially the Full Moon of Jan 7th, in your 12th house; so lets talk about that sector of your chart:

With your reputation as a big show off, the cliché is that your ego is all about attention & external validation. But we forget the mystical imperative of Leo is ‘Man, know thyself’ in Jungian terms. By facing our shadow with genuine courage, we find that alchemical process where we transmute our unconscious, ‘dark’ aspects into the gold of conscious self-awareness and rise, like the phoenix from the flames into our full potential.

Because the 12th house is all about the hidden swamp of sticky old karmic patterns/addictions etc that hold us back; but also the divine, transcendent inspiration and disciplined spiritual practice that aligns us with our most meaningful purpose in life.

So this Full Moon has Bitch Lilith also in your 12th, opposite Sun/Mercury and Pluto in your practical 6th house. In simple terms you take responsibility for turning your dreams into reality; with focused, intentional, productive action every day. Magical manifestation 101, right?

Meanwhile Venus into your love sector, from Jan 3rd. To feel the buzz of lovely romance coming at you. Maybe someone sweet, turning you on this month? Especially Venus trine Mars retro Jan 10th. You enjoy the mutual stimulation of shared interests with your lover, or if single more likely to suddenly encounter fun, flirty chemistry out & about on the scene.

Then the New Moon of Jan 22nd, in your love sector:

Exactly opposite Bitch Lilith in your sign, I guess your starting point for dealing with loved ones is asserting your spunky truth. You will not be fuqed with, if anyone stupid enough to question your integrity. But also more likely enjoy a gorgeous partnership/attraction, sharing a fresh perspective on how to get along with sexy mutual respect.

Because this Moon has Venus exactly conjunct Saturn in your love sector. The quality of real, enduring commitment is a thing. If already happily partnered, it’s so easy to feel more solid and enjoy delicious romance that you’ve earned together.

Or if you’ve been struggling with frustrating control issues between you, you deal with it. Healthy compromise IS possible, you know?

Or if happy single, you embrace the liberated bliss of doing your own thing, sans any control freaks doing your head in. Or if bored of being single? Maybe you get where you’ve been holding back cos fear of intimacy etc, with an intelligent new perspective on letting someone worthwhile help you to trust love again?

And mating season is only just beginning to brew; you’re getting ready for the phenomenal astro of sexy, passionate, transformative Pluto in your love sector for the next 20 years! Oh my goodness, as such a famously ardent lover, who does genuine, heartfelt passion -you have plenty of time coming up, to explore your full potential to love like you mean it…

So for 2023, Pluto revs up your love sector from March till June; for a sneak preview of hot, provocative, devoted, maybe dramatic love & relationship dynamics. Falling more in love with your partner and/or the courage to deal with any deeply difficult issues between you, with radical new authenticity? Or if single etc, the kind of potential lovers turning up feel game changing; to rock your world one way or the other?

Whatever clues you get, about your love paradigm in the first half of this year, will reveal themselves in all their glory from Feb 2024 onwards.

Image: Dolly Parton

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