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So Venus in your 6th house of work & healthy lifestyle, in an extended stay from Nov till March has you so turned on to living well huh? You get that the lush, dolce vita quality of life that you adore comes from optimum, healthy wellbeing and a healthy sense of professional accomplishment.

And Venus on Pluto all Jan empowers this spunky, shiny radiance to the max:

You’re ready to ditch any grotty habits that may have been lowering your Qi, in favour of indulging only those life affirming pleasures that are actually good for you. And avoid any toxic workplace relations or lazy self-sabotage that may have been holding you back, in favour of the positive, transformative power of digging deep to work your famous creative talent, in the most productive way possible on the day job.

It’s amazing how spunky & self assured you feel, as you realize that manifesting the life you desire is completely up to you -based on making the right, empowering choices in your daily routine, every day just because you can…

Especially Mars in your talent/play/fun self-expression sector this month. You actually enjoy the discipline of getting better at whatever you do well, just for the pleasure of the creative process. And you get to show it off in the world, with the shameless self promotion you’re such a natural at -especially Mars in your work sector from the 25th, for the fierce work ethic to score the recognition you deserve in 2022…

And the New Moon of Jan 3rd is in your 6th house, trine sparky Uranus in your career sector for radical, innovative professional growth -with an enjoyable lifestyle on your own terms. So a fabulous, fresh perspective on your own version of success -I bet you’ve got some brilliant, inspiring New Years resolutions you’re ready to embrace!

Then the Full Moon of the 18th, in your soul sector is a lovely reality check. You tune into the deeper spiritual, emotional imperatives that are driving you right now -does the life you are so busy creating resonate with a higher, fulfilling sense of purpose? Pay attention to your dreams, intuition and cosmic synchronicity revealing destiny playing out here -they are so on point to guide you in the right direction.

Meanwhile love? Well sexy Mars in your 5th house of fun romance is pretty sweet. As the smoothest, most delightfully seductive sign of all, you get to schmooze your lover/partner with lots of attention, quality time together and hot date nights. Especially Mars trine magical Neptune in your intimacy sector mid month, could be inspiring some intoxicating soulmate connection. Sometimes it’s as simple as making one another feel truly special, to ignite the passion and have a good time as harmoniously as possible…

Because also Saturn in your partner sector, with Mercury retro from mid month could be tricky ‘where do we stand’ convos, or just bickering about tedious crap/minor provocations. Much better to rise above the drama, obviously. Especially lucky Jupiter in your intimacy sector, for the emotional generosity to accept one another as you are, sans control freaky details…and love large just because you can. This is so your style, you gorgeous love machine!

Image: unable to find original credit for this gorgeous picture.


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