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So after 15 years in your practical 6th house, of healthy lifestyle and efficient work ethic, Pluto has finally, officially left your 6th, as of late Jan. As February begins you get to look around, at your shiny new lifestyle and take stock of how far you’ve come:

To give yourself credit for cleaning up your act, by slaying any demons of grotty habits or addictive tendencies, in favour of life affirming, healthy wellbeing. And have learned to focus on a fiercely effective work ethic, doing something as fulfilling & lucrative as possible, to empower the work/life balance you desire. So yes, you realise you really have earned the right to be a radiant, healthy wealthy & wise success machine!

Ps, Pluto will pop back into your 6th very briefly, this Sept-Nov. Just think of this as an amazing life coach, having whipped you into shape and sending you off to live your best life….doing a quick check on your progress, before he departs for good. Oh boy will you get into trouble if you’ve relapsed into lazy old habits, know what I mean? Just letting you know, for motivation to stay on point as 2024 unfolds…


So how lovely is mama Ceres into your 6th house, from Feb 8th, replacing Pluto intensity with gorgeously nurturing self care? To naturally do things that nourish your physical body & emotional wellbeing-they are fundamentally connected, after all. Especially, Ceres is about genuinely nourishing food. To harness the Pluto discipline you’ve learned-to choose a diet clean enough to keep you sparkly healthy & delicious enough to feel like comforting soul food. This is symbolic of, and literally how to do holistic wellbeing, know what I mean?


Also with Venus/Mars conjunct in your 6th, for the first half of Feb -how to nurture your loved ones. I’m picturing Leo, cooking up a feast for your lover/family/tribe-with that magnificent generosity you do so well. And any other way you make work/lifestyle choices, to spend quality time with your loved ones. With Ceres focus on emotional wellbeing right now-healthy, fulfilling relationships matter, right?


Because we have to talk about Pluto, getting serious about transforming your 7th house of love, partnership & relational dynamics-for the next 20 years!

So Pluto fresh in your 7th as Feb begins, feels like just beginning to get a handle on the potential for passion, preparing to be unleashed in your love life. Yes there could be drama, power trips, endings & new beginnings. Ideally it’s all about more authentic, honest, deep devotion with your special someone, or totally meaningful love affairs.


The New Moon in your 7th, Feb 10th is a chance to embrace a fresh perspective. For lovely emotional clarity about what you need from relationships, and what you are prepared to give in return -as such a loyal, generous lover.

Cue Mars conjunct Pluto Feb 13th, just in time for Valentines Day, followed by Venus Feb 17th. Then Venus/Mars perfect their conjunction Feb 22nd, still conjunct Pluto. Sync Sun/Saturn in your sexy 8th house of intimacy. With the Moon in Leo! Wow, Feb is smoking hot, gorgeously romantic Leo mating season:

Whether partnered, in love, navigating a weird affair/crush or on the prowl on the dating scene? You get the buzz of incandescent romance, heart banging desire, magnetic chemistry as well as the integrity and challenging emotional work required, to figure our the quality of real, enduring commitment. And Destiny says you are WAY more likely to have someone special/promising attractions coming up, to reciprocate and share the romantic journey with. How exciting, you Lucky Leo Lover!


Then the Full Moon of Feb 24th, in your 2nd house of personal values & prosperity, opposite Mercury/Sun/Saturn in your 8th house of personal & financial entanglements. In biz & family entanglements, as well as love you hold your own integrity, the better to honour the obligations and commitments going on with key people in your life. Embracing your own, internal locus of power as you cultivate mutually empowering, interdependent relationships? Pluto thoroughly approves.



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