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It’s all about the power of the mind this month, to manifest your reality as consciously as possible:

The Full Moon of April 6th is in your 3rd house, of clever ideas and clear communication. I mean obviously you have no problem expressing yourself. With that natural, charismatic swagger of yours, you are quite the raconteur. You can opine on any subject -and do tend to have the courage of your convictions; as you value genuine self expression, and really can’t be bothered trying to be anything other than your true self. Not so much fake it till you make it, as present yourself in a blaze of glory -and let the masses make of you what they will.

So ideally this Full Moon is a chance to be as self aware as possible with whatever you’re on about, get your facts straight and be clear within your own mind. Especially square Lilith in your sign, uncompromising integrity to be true to yourself is a thing. Even at the risk of your more controversial opinions, or brazen way of presenting yourself offending anyone -you are totally up for being politically incorrect!

Because this Moon opposes your ruler the Sun, conjunct Chiron & Jupiter in your expansive 9th house, The courage to think big, visionary thoughts is such a turn on here. And the more wisely you dream up new possibilities, and express them in a way to get the people around you on board-the better to manifest what you want.

Especially Mars in your 12th house this month. It’s the capacity to look within, and focus on intentional creative and spiritual inspiration -in other words ‘dream wisely’ that is empowering. The better to charge around broadcasting ideas and plans that actually represent your truth, know what I mean?

…Cue the New Moon, Solar Eclipse of April 20th. In your 9th house, conjunct 9th house ruler, positive Jupiter.

Such a fab, dynamic attitude; to chase your wildest dreams, travel, learn new things in terms of higher education and generally broaden your horizons. So you’re loving feeling free, to live large as a wild child in the world.. with that brazen lust for life you do so well.

Also this Moon is conjunct the Destiny Point, in your 10th house of biz and career success.

Which is important because even thought this Eclipse is officially exact in your 9th house; the Moon moves into your 10th house 15 mins after being exact, followed by the Sun 4 hours later. Where they will both exactly conjunct the Destiny Point. So this is called a Hybrid Solar Eclipse for a reason:

It integrates the restless desire you have to chase big dreams and expansive new lifestyle choices, with the really meaningful professional goals that you’ve been pursuing for ages -and suddenly seem so achievable! Especially Mercury/Uranus also in your 10th house.

The courage to live large equates with the courage to back your most innovative, genius professional schemes. Great for public recognition and success-especially Saturn fresh in your 8th house of financial entanglements, you are more astute than ever about biz negotiations. And most importantly, fund the freedom you desire right now.

Meanwhile Pluto fresh in your relationship/partner sector, revealing any dynamics in the Leo love life ready to be transformed. The good news is passions are running high, with the kind of courageous, hot blooded affection you adore; as such a seductive, emotionally generous lover. Maybe to bond more closely with your special someone. Or if single/on the prowl, any new attractions are bound to be game changing!

Even if heavy, challenging emotions or power trips are involved; you get that it’s an opportunity to be as honest as possible to keep it real, huh?

Image: Janet Fischietto


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