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So the New Moon of April 1st in your adventure/vision sector, for an exciting new attitude to begin the month:

It’s on Mercury to think big, about the meaningful goals that are calling your name. And with radical Uranus in your biz sector you could be so inspired with expansive, genius ideas that are professionally game changing -especially if you are into academia/writing pursuits.

Or maybe called to cut loose, outside your comfort zone -just because travel, or hanging out anywhere different to the usual scene works a treat, to open your mind to your most positive, expansive potential in the world?

Also on the healer Chiron, to keep it all emotionally congruent. As in you seek new experiences & personal growth that create a sense of wellbeing, more so than charging off on crazy tangents that scatter your energy, just for the sake of it -know what I mean?

Meanwhile we have to talk about the love action that has your number…oh my goodness, mating season much?

-The Venus/Mars relationship magic, of the last 2 months is finishing conjunct Saturn, in your 7th house of love/marriage/partnership early April.

Venus conjunct Mars is always classic astro for pair-bonding -especially in your 7th house for sustainable commitment, more so than fluffy romance. And Saturn is ALL about the quality of serious commitment!

Can be recognising the karmic implications of a connection, and the valuable lessons you are learning together?

I mean ideally this is enjoying just how solid your partnership is, as it has survived any challenges & the compatible chemistry just keeps getting better. Could be marital bliss you’ve earned over the years, or even a relatively new commitment could be based on authentic, realistic love -that you just know is going to endure.

Or even if the going gets tough with Saturn challenges, and you find yourselves embroiled in tedious control issues or one of you feeling pressured and shutting down a bit? Hopefully the Venus/Mars vibe harmonises any tension, to work things out with mutual empathy. Whether you are getting closer, working on healthy boundaries or time out as required; you do so with respect and keep it as sweet as possible.

-Then Venus & Mars into your 8th house, sex/intimacy sector by mid April, to play with nuances of where love is going…

-Because meanwhile the rare, divine Jupiter/Neptune conjunction is in your sexy 8th house, exact 9th till 16th April. This is part spectacular, deep, exquisite soulmate love and part batshit crazy, romantic madness -and how to tell the difference!

Jupiter is positive trust in one another, to embrace shared emotional growth that makes you feel good. Also giving one another enough emotional space, to be your true selves as you go.

Neptune is romantic idealism, for inspired, intoxicating spiritual and sexual passion. So also have to watch any shonky boundaries, as so tempting to lose yourself in this desire-that presumably you have already sorted out healthy rules of engagement, with Saturn in your love sector right?

-Especially the Full Moon of the 17th, in your communication sector trine Saturn. To speak beautiful truth with your special someone.

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