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So June begins with expansive Jupiter fresh in magical Pisces, to dream up wonderful, extravagant new momentum in our lives... and ends with Jupiter retrograde to wonder WTF, are we gonna get on with it or what???

Ha welcome to retrograde season... we have Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, Destiny Point & Jupiter moving backwards this month to test our patience! On one hand this feels like stalled momentum, ridiculous delays, tricky misunderstandings and existential angst about our sense of purpose -aargh headfuq much? And on the other hand the opportunity is to take a moment to reflect, cultivate our wildest, most visionary dreams and take the time to finesse the details -rather than necessarily charging forward just yet...

The Solar Eclipse of the 10th, bang on Mercury & Saturn retro helps, to work on strategic thinking rather than bitching about all the stuff we currently can't control. And just in time for Mars in Leo, from the 12th to embrace our brilliant talent, and enjoy the creative process of getting better at what we do whilst we plot long term success. Also to rev up passionate romance in our love lives, even as we figure out minor disagreements with our lover that ultimately don't matter-better to love large anyway, know what I mean?

Then the Full Moon of the 25th is the perfect balance between our personal drive for individual freedom and taking care of our tribe & personal relationships -because both aspects of our lives matter, of course.

So this month is weirdly frustrating, but if we look deeper there is such spooky, promising potential bubbling up under the surface... Happy June folks, let's keep the faith x

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Image: Alicia Savage

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